Special Circumstances

While "it depends" is the humorous catchphrase of the research administration community, it has achieved this status because sponsored research projects have myriad complexities and special circumstances. 

Special Circumstances

This section addresses how and when to make changes to a sponsored research project during the execution of the project. The most common changes occur when the principal investigator must make a change to the scope, key personnel or timing of the project. These changes are covered in Project Changes. See Award Transfer for information on how to transfer awards in or out of the University of Arizona as well as how to change the principal investigator of a project.  Early Termination  covers the administrative requirements for ending a project before the contractual end date.

As mentioned, the administrative requirements for making these changes to your sponsored research projects depends on the details of your project and the intended changes.

Contact Sponsored Projects & Contracting Services to help assess project details and help implement a remedial course of action.

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