Site Visits

A sponsor may request a site visit for a number of reasons throughout the life of a project:

  • To review the principal investigator and University prior to the award to ensure the right fit for the proposed project
  • To review programmatic progress during the life of the project
  • To audit financial activity during or after the project

If you receive a notice for site visit, please inform Sponsored Projects & Contracting Services (SPCS) immediately.

Sponsored Projects & Contracting Services is the official contact for external sponsors for all financial matters so its involvement in external visits or audits protects you and your department from possible liabilities.

Once you inform Sponsored Projects & Contracting Services, a staff member will contact your sponsor to determine if the site visit is programmatic or financial or both. If the site visit covers any financial aspects of the project, SPCS will not only help you to arrange the site visit but also sends a representative on site to help you with all questions related to the financial management of the project.

If the site visit is strictly programmatic, please work with your sponsor to arrange the visit. Should any financial related questions arise during a programmatic visit, please request that the sponsor contact Sponsored Projects & Contracting Services.

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