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Our institutional strength is fueled by the rich cultural tapestry made up of every member of our campus community.

In a time of incredible transformation, both in thought and practice, we have learned the significance of uplifting and empowering one another. Through our inaugural Women of Impact campaign, we are excited to recognize impressive women laying the groundwork for a better future. In Arizona, they're front liners, researchers, innovators and exemplary community organizers. It’s important to recognize them.

Nominee's consist of women who have contributed to our identity as a world-class research institution that forges innovative pathways, powerful collaborations, and remarkable discoveries. Finalists will be celebrated at a culmination event in August, where they will be recognized. Funds raised throughout will be used to support scholarly research and creative work that impact women. The opportunity to apply for this grant will be open to all faculty, regardless of promotion, discipline, and rank. Give now and notate your support for the faculty seed grant!

Nominees must be an employee or designated campus colleague from the University of Arizona and operate within a capacity that include a form of research or innovation. The priority deadline for 2022 nominations was March 25. This process has conduced and the selections process has begun. Anyone can submit a nominee, including themselves. Numerous entries of an individual's name do not increase the consideration of that individual, however more information on a nominee could. A nominee of the Impact Award is not entitled to a form of monetary compensation.

Need to find an employee? Look them up using our phonebook.

Women have surpassed new heights within the research enterprise and contribute heavily to our place among the nation's top public research universities with $761M in total research activity in fiscal year 2020, according to data released by the National Science Foundation.

In addition, we acknowledge our purpose as a university, which is to work together in the expansion of human potential, explore new horizons and enrich life for all – with respect to our core values of Inclusion, Determination, and Compassion.

A list of nominee's are shared with a panel of judges that consider a variety of factors, including funding, revenue, impact, inventiveness, mentorship and potential. The 2022 panel consisted of representatives from the following:

  • Research, Innovation & Impact
  • Tech Parks & Tech Launch
  • Office of the Provost & Faculty Affairs
  • Government & Community Relations
  • Marketing & Communications

Proceeds can be directed to the Faculty Seed Grant for research that impact women. Please notate on your contribution that you would like it to goto this effort. Details of the application process to receive such grants are yet to be announced. 

Contributions are also welcomed to support the Women of Impact Culmination Celebration. Please contact rocqueperez@arizona.edu if you would like to sponsor the occasion.

Our Commitment To Inclusion

At the University of Arizona, we embed the principles of diversity and equity into Every Wildcat, Every Day – practicing both inclusion and compassion in every interaction from every office, division, and college. We believe in tackling the greatest global challenges of today and tomorrow through action-oriented, community-based inclusive excellence. This campaign is a celebration of all women – cisgender, transgender, and all who identify.