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Earyn McGee holding a lizard in a dry stream bed in the Chiricahua Mountains

Q&A: Lizard-Loving PhD Student Earyn McGee

 Major: Natural resources with an emphasis in wildlife conservation and managementYear: 1st year PhD student ... Read more
UA physicist Sam Gralla dribbles a ball on the basketball court.

Sam Gralla Tidies the Messy Universe

In an hour and twenty-one minutes, Sam Gralla has said the word “clean” eight times, “neat” one time, “simple” three... Read more

Video: Guatemalan Coffee Farmers and a Changing Climate

Coffee and climate come together on the mountainous slopes of Guatemala, where fields — and the livelihoods of... Read more
Illustration of a comet traveling through space between the earth and sun

What is a Comet?

Astronomers think comets originated from a region beyond the orbits of our solar system’s outermost planets, and were... Read more

For Desert Dwellers, a Life in Balance

Can a place where water is hard to come by and heat is hard to escape sustain a growing population?Some say it can’t,... Read more
A female Bombus impatiens (bumblebee) sonicating a deadly nightshade blossom in the UA EEB greenhouse.

New Study Reveals the Evolution of Sonicating Bees

Walking through the chaparral one day back when he was in high school, Stephen L. Buchmann heard a faint buzzing sound... Read more