Project Initiation & Setup

You have won a sponsored research award and the University of Arizona has successfully negotiated an agreement that protects the university while preparing you to be successful. What now? 

Initiation and Setup bridges the gap between winning an award and beginning work on the award, i.e. your research. There are many Types of Agreements; however, regardless of which type covers your sponsored project it is an arrangement between two or more parties in which there is a specified project plan or statement of work with a reciprocal transfer of something of value (e.g. monetary payment). The Award Document page describes this arrangement and guides you through custodianship responsibilities for the document.

Advance Accounts allow the principal investigator to initiate a sponsored research project and begin incurring associated expenses prior to the official acceptance of an award. This page shows you how to set up an advance account while also explaining the risk involved with this resource.

Loading the Account Budget specifies the process and authority involved with establishing a unique project account and loading the budget. If the most basic element of a project is its budget this step makes your sponsored research real and tangible. Now start your research.