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UAccess Research Electronic Proposal Routing
Using UAccess Research
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UAccess Research Electronic Proposal Routing

UAccess Research is the University of Arizona's electronic proposal submission and management system. It facilitates the preparation and processing of Pre- and Post-award tasks electronically, reducing the need for paper transactions. All proposals are submitted using UAccess Research and routed for review/approval by the Principal Investigators/Co-Principal Investigators, Departments, Colleges, and the Sponsored Projects & Contracting Services office. A UA NetID and password is required to log in to the system. You can log in by clicking on the Research System link on the UAccess page.

Recommended Browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox

Until the January 20, 2022 UAccess Research (UAR) system update, users working off campus must log in via the University of Arizona VPN using their UA NetID/password before logging into UAR. Beginning April 2015, UArizona faculty, staff and students were required to use NetID+ to access the Virtual Private Network. NetID+ is two-factor authentication to enhance the security of campus information. NetID+ login requires a username, password, and a one-time use password generated via your phone or a token device.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides a secure connection from your computer to the network you are connecting to. The VPN client is the piece of software that handles the connection between your home computer, laptop, or mobile device and the UA network.

A secure VPN connection may still be required for other systems or data storage locations but it will not be required to access UAccess Research. 

Using UAccess Research

UAccess User Guide: The attached User Guide provides field definitions and overall guidance on the system tab and panel navigation in UAccess Research. UAccess Research User Guide.  The UAccess Research Route Log Guide offers explanation specifically useful for understanding information in the route log for proposals.

Request Privileges: You can use the Access Provisioning Tool to request privileges to see proposals and awards at a Department or College level. This provisioning tool is also used to establish workflow for College and Department Level signatures. Please see the UAccess Research Support, How-To's & Info and the UAccess Research Proposal Provisioning Guide.

UAccess Proposal Data Guide: The attached UAccess Proposal Data Guide is a two-page quick reference tool for initiators entering data in the UAR Proposal Development document to provide reminders and tips about the review, correction and finalization of proposal data. The guide includes hints about what changes require re-routing for updated approvals if changes are made while the proposal is already routing for approvals.

Approving Proposals: Prior to submission, proposals must be approved using UAccess Research. The attached "Approving a UAccess Research Proposal document provides instructions on how PIs/Co-PIs/Departments/Colleges can login and approve proposals. Instructions for Approving Proposals in UAR.

Request New Sponsor(s): If you cannot locate your sponsor in the sponsor table, please complete and save a New Sponsor Request form and email it to as soon as possible. Whenever possible, the New Sponsor Request form should be submitted prior to routing the UAccess Research proposal document. To start a proposal document without the new Sponsor Code, please use the "Miscellaneous Sponsor" (Sponsor Code: 009800) as a placeholder. When Sponsored Projects & Contracting Services has created the new sponsor, you will get an email/phone call letting you know that it is available. If you have not already begun routing the proposal document, remember to replace the "Miscellaneous Sponsor" with the one just created.

NSF Science Code: The NSF Science Code is used to rank the University of Arizona's research expenditures. Please classify your research using the attached NSF Science Code and Description list. NSF Science Code.


Sponsored Projects & Contracting Services provides a number of training opportunities, both online and in person. Please visit the UAccess Research Training page to find out about instructor led workshops or view training videos.

Email Lists

UAResearch List: UAResearch List is a listserv that notifies subscribers of system problems. It also provides tips and tricks to using the system.

RAMTALK List: RAMTALK is a listserv that notifies subscribers of funding announcements, policies, and procedures.

Instructions on subscribing to UA listservs can be found here.

UAccess Research Upgrade to Kuali Research - coming in January 2022

Research, Innovation & Impact (RII) and University Information Technology Services (UITS) have worked on a project to update UAccess Research (UAR) to Kuali Research software as a service (SaaS). With the SaaS model, Kuali will maintain any software changes and as a result, UArizona will benefit from new functionality as it is developed in the software.

See Kuali Research Upgrade for more information.