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Sangita Pawar, Vice President of Operations for Research, Innovation & Impact (RII) addresses the Campus Research Community on upcoming changes to the UAccess Research system. 

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Proposal Submission During Changeover
Campus Experience Advisors

Proposal Submission During Changeover

No more proposals are accepted through the limited-time submission tool. Please route through UAccess Research.

Proposal Routing from January 14th (after 5pm) through January 26th for items due through Sunday, January 30th only!

  • The UAccess Research system will be unavailable to campus for proposal routing beginning at 5pm on Friday, January 14th and will not be available for use until 8am on Tuesday, January 25th. During this time, Sponsored Projects Services (SPS) will work to finalize and submit any proposals that have been fully routed and approved to the SPS route stop and cancel and close out any proposals that are not fully routed and approved so that they may be copied and re-routed in the new system. Data will be migrated and many background processes will occur which will enable us to move from our locally hosted system to the cloud-based system.
  • SPS recognizes that this represents a significant period of time and has created a limited-time proposal routing and approval tool for use during this transition. This tool should only be used for proposals due through Sunday, January 30th. For proposals due after January 30th should be routed in the updated UAccess Research system after go-live at 8am on January 25th. Once you have the proposal routing form open, be sure to read the message at the top which explains the rules for use of this form. 

To route a proposal between Friday, January 14th (after 5pm) and Wednesday, January 26th (before 5pm) ffor submission deadlines through Sunday, January 30th, please review the instructions below (which includes screenshots and additional details for information fields) and then click on the Route Proposal button. Please note that you must complete and submit the form in one session as the capability to save and return to the form at a later time does not exist. Please ensure you have all answers and attachments ready and available for input. 

Actual proposal submissions through individual Sponsor eRA systems will be handled as usual. Please notify Sponsored Projects Services by email when your submission package is ready and reference the Temporary Proposal ID that was assigned when you submitted the Proposal Routing form. 

Instruction Guide


Proposal Routing Timeline - January 2022

  • January 14, Close of Business: All UAccess Research (UAR) proposals that have not been finalized will need to be routed to the SPS route stop.
  • January 20, 5:00 PM: UAR access ends and the Kuali Research update begins. 
  • January 21-24: SPS Preaward will be submitting electronic submissions that correspond to the fully routed and approved UAR proposals in sponsor systems (ASSIST,,, etc). 
  • January 25, 8:00 AM: UAR goes live on the Kuali Research web platform.
Calendar view of project timeline; new system goes live on January 25, 2022

Calendar view of project timeline. No UAR access as of 5:00pm January 20, 2022. Kuali goes live January 25, 2022 at 8:00am.

In line with University Closure timelines, any UAR document that needs to be submitted to the sponsor between Jan 18 and Jan 28, will need to route the proposal in UAR and have the proposal reach the SPS route stop in UAR by close of business on Jan 14. 

While the systems will have a lot of similar information, the interface will be different. Any UAR proposal that has not been finalized in the current UAR system by the time it shuts down to start the Kuali update will need to be reviewed by the initiator to comply with the new interface. After that review, it may then be placed into routing. 

A system will be in place when UAR goes offline in the event there are emergent proposals that were not able to route in UAR. More information on this process will be made available when it is finalized.

Please watch for further communications as the date of the update approaches.

For questions or more information, email


Recently completed

  • Discussions are ongoing with a campus experience group of research administration community members to provide input on process improvements and system configurations.
  • A fourth round of data testing to make sure data in our current UAR system will be available in the new version.
  • Pre-testing of the Analytics > Toolkit > Contract Information dashboard.
  • Dry run of the coming January 25 system update.

Coming up next

  • Campus webinars have begun and additional training resources are being developed.
  • Pre-testing of campus Analytics reports to ensure seamless reporting.
  • Ongoing improvement of process integration with UArizona eDisclosure and eIRB systems.
  • UAR will be unavailable from 5pm Thursday

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Campus Experience Advisors

Campus Experience Advisors are experienced hands-on users who collect and express preferences on behalf of research administration system users in their colleges. This group helps explore and test new functionality, provide the campus perspective to define campus training needs and assists with local peer-to-peer training.

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