Core Facilities Pilot Program

Award Cycle: Quarterly
Limit on Proposals per PI: An individual may participate as PI on one Core Facilities Pilot Program (CFPP) proposal per cycle. 
Limit on Awards per PI: An individual may not have more than two active CFPP awards at a given time.
Proposal Due Dates: First Wednesday of the University of Arizona business day in April, July, October and January
     Next Deadline is October 6, 2021
     No LOI is required for this Research Advancement Grant
Earliest Start Date: Three weeks after quarterly due date
Award Period: One year from award date; extensions will not be granted
Applications: Opens July 13, 2021; Accepted through UA Competition Space.

Description: The CFPP is designed to support three key types of activity within the RII-managed core facilities. Each CFPP proposal will be evaluated on scientific merit and feasibility, and should focus on one or more of the following activity types:

  1. The development of new methods or techniques that would extend the standard operating procedures and capabilities of RII-managed core facilities and potentially impact multiple UA researchers. Successful projects will result in new methods or techniques which will be disseminated to the UA research community via the core’s website, and be incorporated into the core’s standard operating procedures and capabilities.
  2. The acquisition of preliminary data needed for extramural proposals. Successful projects will result in at least one new extramural research proposal. PIs must note the specific extramural funding opportunity announcement for which they plan to submit and their anticipated submission date along with their CFPP application.  A full justification of the anticipated studies is required.
  3. The technical training of students conducting research under existing extramural funding. Successful projects will result in student researchers with the technical skills to safely, efficiently and independently operate equipment within the core facility(ies). PIs should note the student(s) to be trained, the core(s) in which they will be trained, the equipment on which they are to be trained, and the funding source under which the student’s research project is funded.

PIs should request funding commensurate with the resources (in general, this only includes time at the facilities) necessary to complete the aims of their proposal and the rates for those resources within the relevant core facility(ies). Most awards will be capped at approximately $10,000, although well-justified projects may be awarded funding above this level. NOTE, NEW for October 2021 round: It is REQUIRED that CFPP proposals and their budgets be developed with the assistance of the relevant core facility manager(s). Funding provided under the CFPP may only be spent within RII-managed core facilities (see list of eligible facilities below).

List of eligible facilities:

  1. Analytical and Biological Mass Spectrometry 
  2. Flow Cytometry and Human Immune Monitoring Shared Resource (BD LSR, BD FACAARIA, BD Canto)  
  3. Functional Genomics Core 
  4. Imaging Core Life Sciences North 
  5. Imaging Core Marley 
  6. Machining and Welding Center 
  7. Micro/Nano Fabrication Center 
  8. Translational Bioimaging Resource 
  9. University of Arizona Genetics Core 
  10. Molecular Structures Core 
  11. BIO5 Genetically Engineered Mouse Models (GEMM) Core

Proposal preparation, submission, and processing information is available in the RII Proposal Preparation Guide (PPG) - v5. The PPG includes requirements for the project narrative and supplemental documents; it is strongly encouraged that interested applicants read the PPG in full as proposals that do not match the PPG will be returned without review.

Solicitation Specific Information:

PI Eligibility: Postdoctoral scholars are able to apply as PI on type 1 (new methods or techniques) and 3 (student training) proposals. 

Budget: Only use of one of the Core Facilities listed above should be included in the proposal budget. Student support, additional supplies, etc., are not eligible expenses for this grant. It is REQUIRED that CFPP proposals and their budgets be developed with the assistance of the relevant core facility manager(s).

Review: Review of the Core Facilities Pilot Program grants will be conducted in an expedited manner and may consist of review by one or more members of the RII-managed core facility’s advisory committee members. Unlike other Research Advancement Grants, limited or no feedback will be provided to applicants of the Core Facilities Pilot Program.

Originally Posted April 16, 2019, updated May 22, 2020, updated August 24, 2020, updated October 27, 2020, February 8,2021., updated July 13, 2021