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Explore the Proposal Lifecycle

Research Development Services (RDS) partners with UA faculty, their departmental/unit business office, and Sponsored Projects & Contracting Services (SP&CS) on the stages of the proposal lifecycle from Opportunity Identification and Assessment to Revision and Resubmission. Post-award activities are supported by departmental/unit business offices, SP&CS, and Research Compliance Services. This page leads to content across the Research Gateway on each stage of the proposal lifecycle. Explore this content for agency-specific best practices, tools, and templates.

Dive deeper into each stage of the proposal lifecycle:


Quick Tips

  • Ensure that your goals and objectives are a good match for the funder’s mission and priorities
  • Set and follow a reasonable timeline based on the deadline; don't forget that SP&CS must receive the proposals in final form (completely finished, routed and approved, and ready to submit to the sponsoring agency) three business days prior to the sponsor's due date
  • Follow the submission guidelines and recommended structure of the proposal
  • Organize your proposal and use concise, persuasive writing - writing proposals differs from authoring journal articles
  • Talk to the program officer – they are there to help
  • Ask colleagues to read your proposal and provide critical comments
  • If your proposal is not funded, carefully read the reviewer comments, and try again – proposals are often funded on the second, or even third submission

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