Workshop Support

Award Cycle: Quarterly
Limit on Proposals per PI: An individual may participate as PI on one Research Workshop (RW) proposal per cycle. 
Limit on Awards per PI: An individual may not have more than two active RW awards at a given time.
Proposal Due Dates: First University of Arizona business Wednesday of July, October, January, and April
Earliest Start Date: Three weeks after quarterly due date
Award Period: Nine months from award date
Applications:  Accepted through Arizona Cultivate 

Description: RII supports workshops that bring experts together to discuss recent research or education findings in order to support the long-term planning of interdisciplinary, team science programs. Ultimately, these workshops should enable the future submission of a high-quality and relevant research proposal to an external sponsor. RII is particularly interested in funding workshops to further the UArizona’s Strategic Plan.

Shared support by partner institutions is encouraged. A workshop proposal should generally be submitted at six months in advance of the scheduled date. Workshops must be accessible and welcoming to diverse audiences (see the UArizona DRC event planning guidance).

Special Priority 1: Applicants should consider whether their workshop is a fit for the DC Center. If so, applicants should consider hosting their event at the DC Center, applications of workshops at the DC Center will be prioritized.

Applicants may request up to $15,000 in support of a workshop held in Tucson, and up to $25,000 in support of a workshop held at the DC Center for the FY24 rounds (July 2023, October 2023, January 2024, April 2024).

Special Priority 2: Applicants should consider how and whether they can support cross-campus and partner engagement on the following topics: PFAS, Environment & Health, AI for the Humanities (including ethical use for language preservation), Microplastics. Each of these topics has the opportunity to incorporate physical scientists, engineers, social scientists, natural scientists, humanists, arts scholars, and more. Consider building an interdisciplinary team to apply.

Proposal preparation, submission, and processing information is available in the RII Proposal Preparation Guide (PPG) v8, which is downloadable within the Arizona Cultivate competition. The PPG includes requirements for the project narrative and supplemental documents; it is strongly encouraged that interested applicants read the PPG in full as proposals that do not match the PPG will be returned without review.

Solicitation Specific Requirements:

Proposal Preparation:

  1. Narrative: the two-page narrative should include statements on the need for such a workshop and the list of topics to be discussed, the overall impact of the workshop, the societal impact of the workshop, significance or intellectual merit of the workshop, and the potential return on investment. In addition, the narrative should include why UA is well positioned to be a leader in the proposed area as well as an analysis of recent workshops or events at other institutions.
  2. Supplemental Documents:
  • No more than one-page table including the names and organizational affiliations of the organizing committee and invited participants.
  • No more than one-page on how the meeting will be organized (including a draft agenda)

Please note there is a new budget approval process that utilizes an applicant driven routing step after submission. Applicants will input the email address of their business officer or award/research administrator when prompted at the end of the application prior to submission. The email address should be for the person who has authority to create, review, and approve the budget. The system will send a link for approval via the email listed to the business officer or award/research administrator where they may confirm they reviewed and approved the submitted budget. This approval step is required before an application is accepted for compliance checks and formal review. The deadline for business officer or award/research administrator is 5pm on the day after the quarterly competition deadline, so it is recommended to communicate with this individual about your budget and this process in advance.


Updated: August 25, 2023

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