Chemical Safety Common Purchase List

Common Purchase List for Chemical Safety

The vendors and ordering information for common items that a laboratory may need to maintain compliance are listed below. These items are by no means the only acceptable options, but they are some of the most commonly used products at the University of Arizona. Many of these items can be purchased through Arizona BuyWays, accessed by logging into UAccess Financials.

Each item contains the catalog number (CAT. NO.), the unit of measure, location where each item may be bought (e.g. UABS = UA Bookstore), and the item description. For items with no specific catalog number, search on the vendor’s website using the “item description” to locate the correct item. Contact Research Laboratory & Safety Services if you need to purchase large safety equipment such as a gas cabinet, flammable safety cabinets, or an emergency shower.

Waste Disposal
Chemical Spill Kit Items and Spill Kits
First Aid Kits
Storage Items
Personal Protective Equipment
Emergency Decontamination Equipment
Labeling and GHS Compliance
External Vendors

Waste Disposal

Catalog Number Unit Vendor Item Description
MUN9003   Sun West Container Pail, plastic, white 3.5 gallon
MML7091   Sun West Container Pail lid, threaded
    Sun West sells waste pails in bulk. To purchase individually, call 800-638-1516 
22037959 EA Fisher Sharps collector, large 2 gallon (7.5 L)


Chemical Spill Kit Items and Spill Kits

Individual Chemical Spill Kit Items

Catalog Number Unit Vendor Item Description
CA71008-498 Ea VWR Sodium Bicarbonate, powder, Reagent, ACS, 500g
97062-512 Ea VWR Citric Acid, monohydrate ACS Grade, 500g
NC9306112 Ea Fisher Drierite 8 mesh, 5 lb.
68310-050 Ea VWR Spill control sock, 3x36”
17-210 Pk Fisher 3M standard chemical sorbent pad 11x13in, 50/pk

Chemical Spill Kits

Catalog Number Unit Vendor Item Description
42X738 Ea Grainger General (non-corrosive), Chemical spill kit, 2 gallons
3WMW2 Ea Grainger Corrosive neutralizing, chemical spill kit, 3.5 gallon


First Aid Kits

Catalog Number Unit Vendor Item Description
49H431 Ea Grainger First aid kit, ANSI compliant
25417955 Ea Graybar Electric First aid kit, ANSI/OSHA compliant


Storage Items

Secondary Containment

Catalog Number Unit Vendor Item Description
15-236-2A Ea Fisher Tray, high density polyethylene, 22x26x4in

Gas Cylinder Restraint

Catalog Number Unit Vendor Item Description
NC9075833 Ea Fisher Bench clamp, single cylinder w/ strap
02216361 Ea Fisher Wall mount clamp, single cylinder, w/ strap
02216369 Ea Fisher Strap, cylinder tie down
NC0322185 Ea Fisher Floor stand, single cylinder

Flammable Storage

Catalog Number Unit Vendor Item Description
17-175 Ea Fisher Safety can, 1 gallon, type 1 galvanized steel
19-123-395 Ea Fisher Safety can, 2 gallon, type 1 galvanized steel
17-176C Ea Fisher Safety can, 5 gallon, type 1 galvanized steel
    Grainger Flammable safety cabinet, multiple


Personal Protective Equipment

Laboratory Coats

Catalog Number Unit Vendor Item Description
248146 Ea RPI Corp. Lab coat, white, 65% poly 35% cotton, large (for general use)
415 Ea UABS 100% Cotton laboratory coat (2XS-3XL) (for flammable use)
89140-716 Ea VWR Lab coat, white, 100% cotton twill, unisex (for flammable use)

Eye Protection

Catalog Number Unit Vendor Item Description
19-130-0832 Ea Fisher Goggles, Uvex, Flexseal, clear lens, use over prescription glasses
1181 Ea UABS Goggles, Uvex, Stealth S740D chemical splash goggles
334 Ea UABS Goggles, 3M chemical goggle (one size)
9301 Ea UABS Goggles, Uvex, Futura 9301 chemical splash goggles
11326-00000-20 Ea Graybar Electric Glasses, safety glasses, clear lens

Hand Protection

Catalog Number Unit Vendor Item Description
19-170-010A Bx Fisher Glove, nitrile, PF, (Sixes XS – XL)
S04800 Bx Fisher Glove, vinyl, PF, (Sizes S, M, L)
19-041-172A Bx Fisher Glove, nitrile, aloe (Sizes XS-XL)
15940-15943 Ea UABS Glove, blue nitrile gloves 12/pack (S-XL)
5940-5942 Ea UABS Glove, blue nitrile gloves 100/pack (S-L)
19-162-712 Pr Fisher Glove, latex, flock lined (S + XL) 12/pack
97008-196 Pr VWR Glove, cryoguard S-XL, wrist-shoulder
19-812-419 Pr Fisher Glove, nitrile “chemical resistant” gloves (Size 7-11), 60/pk
32885-805 Ea VWR Glove, biohazard autoclave gloves (heat resistant gloves)


Emergency Decontamination Equipment

Catalog Number Unit Vendor Item Description
82008-016 Ea VWR Eyewash, portable emergency eye wash, 32 oz. station
300068-296 Ea VWR EyeSafe faucet-mounted eye wash (Guardian)
2DCJ7 Ea Grainger Eyewash, with drench hose, deck flange
    Grainger, VWR Drench hose, multiple options
    Grainger, VWR Emergency shower, multiple options

Labeling and GHS Compliance

Catalog Number Unit Vendor Item Description
74950-043 Pk VWR VWR labeled wash bottles, low-density polyethylene


External Vendors

Laboratory Equipment

Grainger Industrial Supply
3415 S Dodge Blvd
Tucson, AZ 85713

Graybar Electric Company
3760 E Tennessee St
Tucson, AZ 85714

3050 Spruce St
St. Louis, MO 63103

VWR International
100 Matsonford Rd
Radnor, PA 19087

RPI Corporation
410 E Business Center Dr
Mount Prospect, IL 60056

Fisher Scientific
300 Industry Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15275-1001

Sun West Container
1070 E. Mill St.
Tucson, AZ 85719

Explosives Storage

Tread Corporation
176 Eastpark Dr
Roanoke, VA 24019

US Explosive Storage/ARMAG Corporation
300 Armag Ave
Bardstown, KY 40004

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