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Scientific Diving

To ensure safe diving practices and comply with federal scientific diving regulations, all scientific diving at the University of Arizona is overseen by the Dive Control Board (DCB). Diving projects must adhere to the policies and procedures detailed within the Dive Safety Manual.

Before any diving takes place, divers must have certifications on file with RLSS for review by the DCB. To begin this process, email the following items to RLSS at

  • Diving training certifications
  • First aid and CPR certification
  • O2 administration certification
  • Dive logs 
  • Equipment service records, if using personal equipment
  • Emergency contact

Additionally, complete the medical form and upload here.


The diver or group of divers must also submit a Health and Safety Plan (HASP) to the DCB. Complete the HASP Template and email to For more information on what to include in the HASP, refer to the Dive Safety Manual.


Please contact RLSS with any questions regarding compliance with the scientific diving program.


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