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Field Research Safety

Research Laboratory and Safety Services (RLSS) is currently updating the field research safety program. Please consider taking this quick survey to share your experience with field research so that RLSS can build the most helpful program. If you are interested in field safety resources, please see the information below or contact RLSS at or (502) 626-6850.


Field research refers to any research conducted outside of the laboratory setting. Whether conducted in urban or remote environments, field work presents unique and varied health and safety hazards.  Researchers must ensure that they and their workers are adequately prepared before beginning work.

Use the template below to prepare for field work and manage potential hazards.


Budget for safety measures such as PPE while planning for field work. Ensure that safety plans are communicated with all members of the research group well before work begins.


Depending on the hazards identified in the Field Research Safety Plan, field work may require special training. See RLSS chemical and biosafety webpages for specific trainings in these areas. UA Campus Recreation provides CPR & first aid and wilderness medicine trainings.

If utilizing respiratory protection (N95s, etc.), workers must enroll in the Respiratory Protection Program, complete an online training, and be fit tested for their respirator.

In the event of an emergency, always dial 911 and seek medical attention first.

Report all incidents, even near misses, to RLSS by completing the Incident Reporting Tool. Injury and/or property damage must also be reported to Risk Management Services.

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