Laser Safety Program



The University of Arizona Laser Safety Program has as its mission to provide a safe working environment for faculty, staff, students, and visitors in laser-controlled areas.

The Program:

  • Provides a basic introduction to the operation of lasers and the hazards associated with their use
  • Provides guidance to the laser Approval Holder and laser users
  • Maintains regulatory compliance with applicable state and federal regulations
  • Provides instruction on the acquisition, safe use, transfer, and disposal of registered lasers at the University of Arizona
  • Informs Approval Holders of the resources available to them through Research Laboratory & Safety Services

Research Laboratory & Safety Services maintains the laser registrations for the University of Arizona and provides technical staff to assist the Laser Safety Officer in performing their duties. 

The Laser Safety officer (LSO), as defined by the Arizona Bureau of Radiation Control is "any individual, qualified by training and experience in the evaluation and control of laser hazards, who is designated by the registrant and has the authority and responsibility to establish and administer the laser radiation protection program for a particular class of facility".  The LSO is an ex officio member of the Laser Safety Committee.

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