Research Laboratory & Safety Services

Initial (First) Visit

Principal Investigators (PI) who are responsible for a laboratory or set of laboratories must register as Approval Holders. After the PI completes and submits the New Lab Registration and Assessment, Research Laboratory & Safety Services (RLSS) will contact the PI to schedule the initial visit to the laboratory. At the time the initial visit is scheduled, the PI will be sent the Laboratory Safety Checklist, which provides an overview of what will be reviewed during the visit.

During this initial visit, RLSS staff will

  • Answer any questions you or your staff and students may have,
  • Provide details about the Laboratory Chemical Safety Program,
  • Complete a walkthrough of the lab space(s) and provide onsite guidance for compliance with relevant regulation
  • Provide required labels and signs

Safety Inspections (Audits)

Formal laboratory safety audits are conducted by Research Laboratory & Safety Services safety staff periodically; the exact frequency of inspection is determined based on a number of risk factors such as specific chemical, physical, and/or other hazards present in the laboratory. All audits are planned and scheduled with the Approval Holder and/or Approval Safety Coordinator in advance. When audits are scheduled, RLSS will provide the Approval Holder/Approval Safety Coordinator with a copy of the Laboratory Check Guide, which provides an overview of the laboratory requirements to be reviewed during the safety audit. RLSS may also perform additional inspections or assessments as needed or requested (e.g. when an AH reports certain changes in chemical inventory, use, or procedures).

Regulatory Agencies

Occasionally, regulatory agencies, such as the Arizona Division of Occupational Safety and Health, will perform inspections of the Laboratory Chemical Safety Program and University of Arizona laboratories.  Inspections by regulatory agencies are typically not announced or scheduled in advance. 

For compliance inspections by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ), ADOSH, Pima County Department of Environmental Quality (PDEQ), and Pima County Wastewater Management (PCWM), a combination of persons from both RMS and the RLSS will typically accompany inspectors. 

If an individual identifying themselves as an inspector requests access to a University laboratory for inspection, and is not accompanied by RMS or the RLSS staff, laboratory occupants are required to verify credentials of the inspector, and contact RMS and the RLSS immediately so they may send a representative.

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