Hazardous Chemical Laboratory Closeout

RLSS Laboratory Closeout Guideline

Purpose and Scope

This guide provides principal investigators with information about preparing a chemical-use laboratory for reassignment, known as a laboratory closeout process, at the University of Arizona.

Hazardous chemicals must be disposed of properly - by shipping to a new location, transferring to another researcher, or disposing as chemical waste - prior to a laboratory closeout. Research Laboratory & Safety Services (RLSS) chemical safety staff is available to assist with this process.

Notification of Closeout

Notify Research Laboratory & Safety Services at (520) 626-6850 or rlss-help@email.arizona.edu as soon as you are aware that a laboratory closeout process is required.  Advanced notice reduces the burden of the closeout process on the principal investigator and allows for coordination of waste disposal, decontamination, and shipping services.

Preparation for Closeout

The following preparation will expedite the laboratory closeout:

  • Segregation of hazardous chemicals by final disposition
    • Shipment to another institution
    • Transfer to another University of Arizona researcher
    • Disposal as chemical waste
  • An inventory of hazardous chemicals that will be disposed of as hazardous waste
  • A point of contact for the laboratory closeout process
  • Original packaging materials for chemicals or equipment that require shipment, if available

Laboratory Closeout Assessment

A laboratory closeout assessment will be scheduled with laboratory staff and Research Laboratory & Safety Services to determine necessary actions to safely close out the laboratory.

Hazardous Chemical Disposal

If disposal of hazardous chemicals or chemical waste is required, Research Laboratory & Safety Services can assist with segregating chemicals by hazard class, packaging and inventorying chemicals, and securing the chemicals for collection by Risk Management Services. Multiple visits may be required, depending on the nature and quantity of chemicals designated for disposal.

Risk Management Services must be contacted at (520) 621-5861 or hazmat@email.arizona.edu to request collection of chemical waste. A chemical waste pick-up form is also available on the Risk Management Services website at Chemical Waste Pickup.

Equipment or Area Decontamination

During the laboratory closeout assessment, previous uses of hazardous chemicals requiring decontamination will be identified. If chemical decontamination is required, detailed instructions and assistance will be made available. Use of a third-party vendor (i.e. Southwest Hazard or Abracadabra Restoration) may be required for large or highly hazardous decontamination procedures.

Laboratory Closeout and Release

The laboratory will be released after all hazardous materials have been removed, any necessary decontamination has been completed, hazard warning signs have been removed, and the areas are safe for reassignment.

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