Conflicts of commitment (COC)

New, Consolidated Disclosure System Now Available

eDisclosure is now available for conflict of interest (COI) submissions—annual disclosures and research certifications—and conflict of commitment (COC) form submissions.

For information on using eDisclosure, the following options are available:

Video Demos and Instructional Material: eDisclosure Information (NetID required)

Implementing a New, Faster Conflict of Interest System

The Conflict of Interest (COI) Program will launch a new system, eDisclosure, designed to make submitting COC Forms (Requests for Approval of Outside Employment and Commitments) easier and faster. For more information about the implementation process, please visit RII’s New Systems Information webpage.

New Systems Information for COI, COC, HSPP, and Proposals

Beginning this summer, the Office of Research, Innovation and Impact will sequentially roll out and upgrade new systems designed to make your work related to Conflict of Interest and Commitment matters, the Human Subjects Protection Program (HSPP), and research proposals much easier.

Responsible Outside Interests Resources

The below resources are available to assist you in navigating the many facets of managing competing interests.

Students, Postdocs & Trainees

Conflict of Interest Requirements for Students, Postdocs and Trainees

Consulting Agreements

The information on this page is intended as a resource for University employees who are considering entering into consulting arrangements with outside (i.e., non-University of Arizona) entities.

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