Conflicts of commitment (COC)

I was contacted by a company asking me to give a compensated consultation to some investors, is there any UA regulation about that?

University Employees whose FTE is 0.50 or greater, are required to disclose any activity that meets the definition of an Outside Commitment or Outside Employment by submitting a disclosure of Outside Commitment or Employment (COC form) via eDisclosure.

What is Budgetary Overlap?

NIH describes Budgetary Overlap as: "Budgetary Overlap occurs when duplicate or equivalent budgetary items (e.g., equipment, salary) are requested in an application but are already provided by another source."

What is Scientific Overlap?

NIH describes Scientific Overlap as: "Scientific Overlap occurs when substantially similar research is proposed in more than one application or is submitted to two or more different funding sources for review and funding consideration; or a specific research objective and the experimental design for accomplishing that objective are the same or closely related in two or more applications or awards, regardless of funding source."

What is Significant Use of University Resources?

“Significant Use of University Resources” includes but is not limited to: use of research funding; use of funding allocated for asynchronous or distance learning programs; use of telecommunication and data services beyond ordinary use; use of university computing resources; use of instructional design or media production services; access to and use of research equipment and facilities or production facilities; use of University Assets* such as paid employee time, proprietary information, intellectual property (such as patents, trademarks, and copyrights), logos, land and buildings.

What are the COI and COC requirements during the pre-award stage?

At the time of proposal submission to a federal funding agency, Investigators must have an up-to-date COI certification.  That means each Investigator has:

How are Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment related?

Conflict of interest (COI) and conflict of commitment (COC) reviews are separate because COI relates to bias in decisions and COC relates to a University employee's time & effort for UArizona, UArizona resources and UArizona Assets.

Sponsors & funders have identified the following concerns: 

New, Consolidated Disclosure System Now Available

eDisclosure is now available for conflict of interest (COI) submissions—annual disclosures and research certifications—and conflict of commitment (COC) form submissions.

For information on using eDisclosure, the following options are available:

Video Demos and Instructional Material: eDisclosure Information (NetID required)

Implementing a New, Faster Conflict of Interest System

The Conflict of Interest (COI) Program will launch a new system, eDisclosure, designed to make submitting COC Forms (Requests for Approval of Outside Employment and Commitments) easier and faster. For more information about the implementation process, please visit RII’s New Systems Information webpage.

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