University Employees

"Why do I have to include an entity that is not an Outside Commitment in my disclosure?"

In the past, University Employees were asked to disclose Outside Commitments in the COC database and Outside Interests in the COI database.

The Conflicts of Interest & Commitment Policy incorporated and replaced the following policies:

1.    Conflict of Commitment Policy
2.    Conflict of Interest (UHAP) Policy
3.    Conflict of Interest in Purchasing Policy
4.    Individual Conflict of Interest in Research Policy
5.    Institutional Conflict of Interest Policy

Now, eDisclosure serves as a single platform to meet all policy disclosure requirements.

How are Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment related?

Conflict of interest (COI) and conflict of commitment (COC) reviews are separate because COI relates to bias in decisions and COC relates to a University employee's time & effort for UArizona, UArizona resources and UArizona Assets.

Sponsors & funders have identified the following concerns: 

1.    conflicts of interest
2.    shadow labs
3.    loss of Intellectual Property
4.    conflicts of commitment, including theft of time, resources and assets

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