Outside Interests

I have been asked to lecture at a foreign university over the summer, however this is voluntary therefore I will not be compensated nor will I be reimbursed for travel. Am I required to disclose this information?

If you are an Investigator, you must disclose, via eDisclosure, affiliations with foreign governments, foreign institutions of higher education, any other foreign entity and foreign nationals when conducting activities such as consulting, laboratories or teaching (whether paid or unpaid, or voluntary). Gifts and/or any travel support of any amount you receive must also be disclosed.

Additionally, all University Employees whose FTE is 0.50 or greater, are required to submit a disclosure of Outside Commitments and/or Outside Employment (COC form) via eDisclosure for any activity that meets the definition of an Outside Commitment or Outside Employment.  The Outside Commitment Decision Tree  may be of assistance to you in making the determination as to whether this activity meets the definition of an Outside Commitment.


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What are foreign affiliations?

Foreign affiliations are defined as associations/relationships (e.g. conducting activity such as consulting engagements, research collaborations, appointments or titles, or teaching) with foreign institutions of higher education, foreign governments, foreign companies or foreign nationals.

What are the Conflict of Interest requirements for Investigators?

Investigators must:

1.    Complete the Required COI Disclosure Training after July 1, 2021.
2.    Complete the Required COI Disclosure Training once every 4 years thereafter.
Note:  OROI may direct an Investigator to complete the training more frequently.
3.    Submit an annual certification.  This can be an Annual Disclosure Certification or Research Certification.
4.    Update their certification within 30 days of a change to an existing Outside Interest.
5.    Update their certification within 30 days of acquiring a new Outside Interest.
6.    Submit a Research Certification for all non-sponsored and sponsored Research.

What are the COI and COC requirements during the pre-award stage?

At the time of proposal submission to a federal funding agency, Investigators must have an up-to-date COI certification.  That means each Investigator has:

1.    Submitted either an Annual Disclosure Certification or a Research Certification in the last 364 days, and
2.    Does not have any changes to an existing Outside Interest or new Outside Interest.

"Why do I have to include an entity that is not an Outside Commitment in my disclosure?"

In the past, University Employees were asked to disclose Outside Commitments in the COC database and Outside Interests in the COI database.

The Conflicts of Interest & Commitment Policy incorporated and replaced the following policies:

1.    Conflict of Commitment Policy
2.    Conflict of Interest (UHAP) Policy
3.    Conflict of Interest in Purchasing Policy
4.    Individual Conflict of Interest in Research Policy
5.    Institutional Conflict of Interest Policy

Now, eDisclosure serves as a single platform to meet all policy disclosure requirements.

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