New Subawards

You will need the following before proceeding with the New Subaward Intake:

  Required Information

  • Start/end dates of Prime Award
  • Start/end dates of Subaward (this action - typically 1 year)
  • Estimated Subaward Project end date (overall duration of subaward)
  • UA Financials Requisition eDoc Number (you cannot proceed without this!)
  • Amount funded (with this action and overall total for subaward)
  • Costsharing amount required (if any)
  • Carryover information (type and restrictions)
  • Whether equipment will be acquired by or furnished to the subrecipient
  • Foreign travel (location and purpose)

  Required Documentation

Step-by-step Instructions

  1. Use your web browser to access the Subaward Intake Smartsheet (SIS).
  2. During the beta testing phase, the "Testing - Ignore Intake?" box will default to checked. Uncheck this box if you would like to actually submit your subaward modification initiation form instead of emailing the existing Word document to our team.
  3. Answer "Is this a new subaward?" with Yes to enter a New Subaward request.
  4. Make note of the required documents and ensure you have these available and ready to attach at the end of this form.

Note: If you do not have all completed documents ready to attach, you should wait to complete this form until you do!

  1. Enter Your Name, Your Email Address, the Prime Award Account Number and Subrecipient Name.

Note: Unusual - only do if applicable! Check the checkbox if the Subaward has a different title than the incoming award title and enter the alternate title. 

  1. Complete the Time and Money section to provide the details required to draft the new subaward agreement. You will need:
  • Prime Award start/end dates
  • Subaward start/end dates
  • UA Financials Requisition ID number
  • Subaward Amount to be funded this action
  • Estimated Subaward Total to be funded
  • Cost Sharing Amount Required (if applicable)
  • Carryover type
  • Whether equipment will be acquired by the subrecipient, furnished to the subrecipient, whether there will be foreign travel, and if foreign travel, to where and for what purpose.
  1. Complete the UArizona Contact Information section to provide the details required to draft the new subaward agreement.
  2. Please attach all required files. You may attach multiple files and file types. 
  3. To receive an email confirmation of your submission, check the box for "Send me a copy of my responses." and enter your email address.
  4. Click the Submit button.


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