Subaward Closeout

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Step 1: Closeout Checklist
Step 2: Closeout Information
Step 3: Closeout Notifications and Approvals

To legally release a subaward from financial obligation, the University of Arizona must take steps to properly closeout subawards that have ended. Subawards can be closed before the prime award closes.  Sponsored Projects Services (SPS) does not close subawards without receiving closeout information from the business/finance office. The information below details the necessary steps and associated roles and responsibilities for initiation of subaward closeout.

Step 1: Closeout Checklist

The principal investigator or business/finance office should send a copy of the Subaward Closeout Checklist to the subrecipient for completion and certification as stipulated in the subaward agreement. The Closeout Checklist is to verify that the subrecipient fulfilled all obligations of the subaward. Please keep this Checklist with your subrecipient monitoring file and provide a copy to SPS Financial Compliance Services via email at

Step 2: Closeout Information 

The business/finance office needs to provide the following information to the SPS Financial Compliance Services Team via email at

  • End date of the subaward
  • Total amount paid to the subrecipient on the subaward
  • Amount of final invoice paid to the subrecipient
  • Confirm all deliverables have been received
  • Confirm all technical and financial reports have been received and accepted
  • Confirm all invoices including the final invoice have been submitted and paid through UAccess Financials

Please communicate only with the SPS Financial Compliance Services Team in this step; do not initiate purchase order/subaward closeout through Procurement & Contracting Services (PACS) or UAccess Financials.

Step 3: Closeout Notifications and Approvals

Once the closeout information is received, SPS  will draft a closeout letter and obtain the business/finance office and principal investigator approval. The closeout letter protects the department from future payment requests by providing the exact termination date, the amount of the final invoice and the total amount expended on the Subaward.  By signing the closeout letter, the University of Arizona and the subrecipient agree that the project has ended and no additional funds will be requested/paid.

Once approval has been obtained, SPS will sign the closeout letter and send a copy to the subrecipient. The subrecipient has ten (10) days to sign and return the closeout letter or the University of Arizona will administratively close the subaward. Once the award has been closed, no funds can be disbursed from the subaward.

SPS will notify Procurement & Contracting Services (PACS) to reduce the encumbrance and close the associated purchase order in UAccess Financials.

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