ABRC Guidance

The Arizona Department of Health Services, Arizona Biomedical Research Commission (ABRC) emailed Principal Investigators directly with Letters of Invitation to submit a full application for the 2017 Investigator Grant (ADHS17-00007403), and New Investigator Award (ADHS17-00007401) programs.

Final application documents and a fully routed, approved UAccess Research (UAR) proposal must reach Sponsored Projects & Contracting Services (SPCS) no later than Monday, November 27, 2017. SPCS Proposal Services will submit them all in the ProcureAZ system by 3:00 PM (Local AZ Time) November 30, 2017. Please do not register with ProcureAZ individually.

Send completed applications to sponsor@email.arizona.edu. Proposal Services will replace all placeholders for application pages that require authorized signature prior to submission. However, Proposal Services does not verify that proposals meet page limits, spacing, margin, font, and other solicitation requirements.  It is the responsibility of the PI/Department to read the solicitation thoroughly and follow all instructions.  Each funding mechanism has different attachment requirements, so please read the RFGA carefully. 

Applicants are strongly encouraged to read the solicitation instructions carefully:


ABRC Full Application Templates (fillable PDF):

SPCS Proposal Services will replace all pages that require a University authorized signature only after final approval of the proposal in UAccess Research and verification that the proposal/budget routed in UAccess Research matches the information in the completed ABRC application package.

Attachment A is the Letter of Intent and does not need to be included in the full application.


The ABRC RFGA states:

3. Available Funds - ADHS17-00007401 AZ NIA (Arizona New Investigator Grant)

  • 3.1 Maximum award per AZ NIA application up to seventy-five thousand ($75,000.00) annually and maximum project duration up to three (3) years from the award date.

3. Available Funds - ADHS17-00007403 AZ IG (Arizona Investigator Grant)

  • 3.1. Maximum award per AZ IG application up to two hundred fifty thousand ($250,000.00.00) annually and maximum project duration up to three (3) years from the award date. 

7.2.1. Indirect costs are allowed however cannot exceed ten percent (10%) of the total direct cost for each budget year

  • 10% Total Direct Cost: For example, in a $100,000 budget $90,909 may be requested in direct cost and the associated 10% F&A (Facilities & Administrative indirect cost) would be $9,090. Please use 10% TDC when preparing your budgets. If your proposal includes a subcontract and the subcontractor is requesting the 10% allowable indirect cost rate, UA indirect costs should be calculated at a 10% Modified Total Direct Cost Rate (10% of all direct costs less all subcontractor costs).

Again, please do not register yourself with ProcureAZ; contact SPCS and we will submit the proposal in the ProcureAZ system.