Things You Need to Know

  • You do not need a login/password to search funding opportunities or download application packages. There is no need to register with
  • Sponsored Projects & Contracting Services, Preaward personnel are the Authorized Organization Representatives (AORs). 
  • The University of Arizona is registered with, is a long-time registrant on the System for Award Management (SAM), and has completed the Credential Provider process. 
  • The application will save as one document (PDF extension) with attachments. You will forward this file (e-mail, CD, or USB drive) to Sponsored Projects & Contracting Services (SPCS). SPCS staff will upload the file to for final submission.
  • The University of Arizona proposal routing process has not changed; a fully routed/approved proposal in UAccess Research is still required before proposal submission on The three-day proposal deadline applies to ALL proposal submissions.

Preparing an application for submission to

  • Download the Adobe Reader software and install it on your computer.
  • Use's search features to find a funding opportunity, download the application package (forms and instructions).
  • Read the program solicitation carefully. Pay particular attention to the deadline time – the deadline may be listed as Eastern Standard/Daylight time.
  • Open the application package with Adobe. Complete all mandatory forms and upload required attachments.
  • Save the file often; click the “Check for Errors” button.
  • Route your budget, budget justification and abstract through UAccess Research

UA Routing Process

The UA Routing process in UAccess Research must be completed prior to submitting the application through

Prior to completing your proposal in, you can route it through UAccess Research by attaching for Sponsored Projects & Contracting Services review:

  • Abstract
  • Budget
  • Budget Justification

When your application is complete, send the completed application to Sponsored Projects & Contracting Services ( A SPCS staff member will contact the principal investigator or administrative contact to verify that the proposal is ready for submission. SPCS will not review the application unless it is complete and ready to submit.

SPCS will review the application package for required items and common errors and will work with the PI and/or the PI’s staff to correct any items that might prevent an error-free submission.

During final review Sponsored Projects & Contracting Services:

  • Reviews your proposal in UAccess Research 
  • Scans forms for missing fields, common errors, and filenames (to verify file type, when a certain type is required)
  • Reviews the SF 424 R&R Cover Page
  • Reviews the Budget and Budget Justification
  • Reviews the Project Summary
  • Runs “Check Package for Errors”
  • Saves the file until submission is complete

Sponsored Projects & Contracting Services DOES NOT:

  • Conduct preliminary review of your application. Do not send the application package until it is complete and ready for submission.
  • Open individual attachments 
  • Review attachments for sponsor-mandated rules, such as fonts, margins, page limits, headers/footers, etc.
  • Complete missing fields/attachments, except for common, easily remedied errors
  • Maintain a copy of the file after submission. The Principal Investigator/department are responsible for maintaining a complete copy of the proposal (paper or electronic)

After submission to

Receiving e-mail notifications: will send an e-mail to SPCS confirming that the application was received and a second e-mail indicating whether it passed or failed data verification in

Subsequent e-mails from the agency will confirm that the relevant agency received the application and if it passed or failed data verification at the agency.

Correcting errors (NIH submissions only): If there are errors in the NIH submission, you must correct them and e-mail the corrected application to SPCS so that SPCS can resubmit it. Send revisions to with the PRF number, PI last name, and revision number.