The Award Document

A copy of the award will be emailed to the Principal Investigator and their Research Administration team by Sponsored Projects Services. A copy can also be downloaded from the UAccess Research System.

Award documents should be reviewed for the following. 

  • Period of performance (start and end dates for the work specified in the project plan or statement of work)
  • The awarded budget
  • Terms and conditions (including budget restrictions; e.g. prior approval for re-budgeting and restrictions on certain budget categories, equipment and/or fringe benefits)
  • Payment and invoicing terms
  • Official contact information
  • Deliverable details for technical, financial, invention, procurement reports, milestones and timetable obligations
  • Audit provisions

If the principal investigator receives the award letter they should send a copy of the notification to Sponsored Projects Services at for processing.

Project Period and Budget Period

Project period is the total planned amount of work time. The project period is divided into budget periods (often 12 months) for budgetary/funding purposes. It is important to understand whether the terms and conditions of the award allow you to spend funds from one budget period in another budget period. Contact your Sponsored Projects Services fund accountant with any questions.

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