Final Reports

Final Financial Report and Final Invoice

A final financial report and invoice is required for most sponsored projects. Sponsored Projects & Contracting Services generally prepares financial status reports and invoices for the sponsor as a separation of duties measure. Sponsored Projects & Contracting Services prepares the financial report and invoice and, with concurrence from the principal investigator, submits the report to the sponsor. Most sponsors require the final financial report within 30-90 days of the termination date of the project.

Final Technical Report

The principal investigator is responsible for preparing and submitting the final technical report to the sponsor. The UAccess Financials system sends a computer-generated notice to all investigators sixty (60) days before the project end date as a reminder. This is the only notice that Sponsored Projects & Contracting Services sends regarding the final technical report. The principal investigator does not need to send Sponsored Projects & Contracting Services a copy of the final report. If the final technical report is late, the sponsor will contact Sponsored Projects & Contracting Services and may threaten to shut off funds to the University for all accounts and stop issuing new awards. This is not a good outcome for the University or for the principal investigator.

Closeout Documents

Certain sponsors require completing closeout documents and forms at the end of sponsored research contracts. If applicable, this requirement will be stated in your contract terms and conditions. Contact Sponsored Projects & Contracting Services to acquire the correct forms and documents if this requirement pertains to your project.




Contractor's Release of Claims

Director Sponsored Projects

Frees government of all liabilities, obligations, claims and demands

Contractor's Assignment of Refunds, Rebates and Credits

Director Sponsored Projects

Agreement to reimburse the contractor for any refunds, rebates, credit, or interest

Cumulative Claim and Reconciliation Statement

Director Sponsored Projects

Reconciles allowable expenditures and actual receipts

Final Report of Inventions and Subcontracts

Principal Investigator, Tech Launch Arizona

Reports inventions under the contract

Final Government Property Report

Property Administrator
Sponsored Projects

Listing of government titled property



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