Just-In-Time Reporting

What is Just-In-Time Reporting?

Just-In-Time reporting is the National Institutes of Health (NIH) term for a reporting request NIH makes of its potential awardees after proposal submission and initial qualifications have been met but before final selection. Other sponsors may ask for similar post proposal and preaward reports; however, Just-In-Time refers specifically to the NIH requirement.

The NIH applies Just-In-Time reporting to all applicants with a priority or peer review impact score of 40 or better. This report requests the current information on:

  • Other Support (referred to as Current and Pending Support by the National Science Foundation)
  • Internal Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)
  • Internal Review Board (IRB)
  • Human Subjects Education Documentation

You will know that your project requires a Just-In-Time report when "JIT" is posted in the "Action" column of the NIH eRA Commons system page specific to your project. Request for Just-In-Time action does not indicate that your proposal is likely to win funding but that it meets the minimum standards to continue to be held for consideration.

The purpose of Just-In-Time reporting is to save administrative and proposal costs for the vast majority of applicants who do not receive National Institutes of Health funding. For more information see the NIH Just-In-Time policy.

How to Respond?

The call for "Just-In-Time" reporting does not indicate imminent award or even an imminent award decision. Thus, the Just-In-Time action status in your eRA Commons proposal account does not require immediate action. Instead, NIH recommends that institutions submit this information 60-90 days before the expected start date for the proposed project. This recommendation attempts to capture the most current key personnel information.

To complete the NIH Just-In-Time reports for the NIH follow these steps:

  • Log on to eRA Commons
  • Click on the "status" at the top and select "Just In Time" on the left
  • To find your proposal search by grant number, principal investigator, etc.
  • Click on the "JIT" link under the "Action" column
  • Enter or import the required information: Import PDF of Other Support information (Current and Pending), enter IACUC approval date, Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval date, Human Subjects Education date(s). Note that the option to enter dates is only available when animals and/or humans are being used
  • If your program official has requested other information, such as a revised budget, upload it in the "Other Documents" line
  • Press the Save button
  • Click "View Just In Time Report" and check information for accuracy
  • Notify Sponsored Projects & Contracting Services for final review. Sponsored Projects & Contracting Services will need copies of the IRB and/or IACUC letters to confirm the approval date prior to the submission in eRA Commons
  • Work with the Sponsored Projects & Contracting Services Office if changes or updates are necessary prior to submission.

If you prefer, email the Just-In-Time documents to the Sponsored Projects Services (SPS), where staff will upload the documents and complete the submission

Sponsored Projects & Contracting Services will also provide the following support:

  • Review the Just-In-Time report and verify uploaded information
  • Assist the principal investigator and department administrator with the file upload or questions as necessary
  • Work with the department administrator and the principal investigator to update information in eRA Commons if any changes are necessary
  • SPCS will submit once all information is complete and final
  • eRA Commons sends a confirmation email to Sponsored Projects & Contracting Services and the principal investigator. SPCS will forward a copy of this email to the department.

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