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Training & Development Resources for Research Administrators

Research, Innovation & Impact (RII) and Sponsored Projects Services (SPS) offers an extensive program of workshops to help research administrators.

If you are interesting in having a research administration workshop presented for your unit, please contact the Research Training & Education Team at We can deliver specialized training by request.

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Research Administrator Forum, Email Listserv, and Research Organization Admin Report (ROAR)
Upcoming Development Opportunities!
National Online Learning
UArizona-Specific Online Learning

Research Administrator Forum, Listserv, and Research Organization Admin Report (ROAR)

Sponsored Projects Services facilitates a monthly Research Administration (RA) Forum which hosts speakers on pertinent topics, provides training and development opportunities to campus, and communicates opportunities and upcoming changes to processes, policies, and systems.

Research Organization Admin Report (ROAR) is a monthly newsletter from Sponsored Projects Services (SPS) and the Office of Research Contracts (ORC) to outline upcoming deadlines, provide tips and tricks, system updates, and other information relevant to Research Administration.

SPS also moderates the RAMTalk email listserv, which notifies subscribers of training, events including the monthly RA forum, funding announcements, policies, procedures and other research related communications. 

Upcoming Development Opportunities!

*FREE* NCURA Webinar - AI in Research Administration - Unlocking Efficiency and Innovation

Join us on a transformative journey into the realm of Research Administration as we explore the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our profession. We will delve into the profound implications and applications of AI, guided by experts well-versed in its nuances.

AI is not just a buzzword but a game-changer. Explore, discuss, and connect with your colleagues. AI in Research Administration is a key to unlocking efficiency and innovation, and this session will explore how we got here, the legal and ethical considerations, how we can leverage these tools to enhance our work and take time to share and connect during the After the Show.

Tuesday, November 28, 2023 from 2-3:30pm EST (12pm-1:30pm Tucson time!)

To utilize the additional *FREE* registration option, please go to and complete the registration process for yourself. When you register yourself, you will receive a confirmation email and should log in to the webinar with your own NCURA username and password to participate and receive your CEU credits. Please note that you will need to register with your official UA email address. Any non-UA registrants will be registered and receive a confirmation email, however the registration will be removed by NCURA prior to the webinar. 

**If you would like to register and do not already have an NCURA profile, please go to first to create a profile. This does not confer membership, it only provides you with registration/access capabilities. Once you have created your profile, you may click on the extra login link above to register. **

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National Online Learning

UA has a license for SRA Level Up

UA has a license for the CITI Program course Essentials of Research Administration Training

  • Enroll through EDGE Learning (Course ID: CITI-189968) to ensure your participation is recorded.
  • Then, log in to CITI with your UArizona NetID and password, select "View Courses" for University of Arizona, then scroll to the bottom of the next page and select "Add a course." Enroll in and complete the Essentials of Research Administration Course.

The United States Chief Financial Officers (CFO) Council offers free Grants Training 101 modules designed to provide Federal officials a basic knowledge training on grants and cooperative agreements. The training is not designed to provide detailed administrative, accounting and audit requirements that are specific to programs based on their statutory provisions, agency regulations and guidance. Thus, this training should be supplemented by materials that are specific to agency guidance and requirements.

  • Module 1 - Laws, Regulations and Guidance:
  • Module 2 - Financial Assistance Mechanisms
  • Module 3 - Uniform Guidance Administrative Requirements
  • Module 4 - Cost Principles
  • Module 5 - Risk Management and Single Audit

National Science Foundation Resources: Virtual Grants Conference Sessions

National Institutes of Health Resources:

National Council of Research Administrators (NCURA) Resources

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UArizona-Specific Online Videos


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