Research Hot Topics Webinar Series

Research, Innovation & Impact (RII) is excited to announce the 2nd Annual Research Hot Topics Webinar Series designed to keep you - faculty, researchers, staff, postdocs and grad students - abreast of ever-evolving research regulations..

Experts from RII Operations will present and be on hand to answer questions on the topic of the day as well as any other research questions you have. From understanding award and contracting processes and data privacy to understanding safety and conflict of interest, we want to make sure you have the updated information you need, when you need it.

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Dates & Topics 

This monthly Zoom webinar is held from 2pm to 3pm on the following dates:

  • Sept. 13, 2023 - Preaward - Things to Know Before You Apply for Grants
    • Presenter - Rachel Rice, Director, Preaward Services, Sponsored Projects Services
  • Oct. 18 - Postaward
    • Presenter - Marcel Villalobos, Director, Postaward Services, Sponsored Projects Services
  • Nov. 15 - Contracting & Subawards 
    • Presenter - Radha Radhakrishnan, Director, Office of Research Contracts
  • Dec. 20 - Office for Responsible Outside Interests (OROI)
    • Presenter - Taren Ellis Langford, Director, Office for Responsible Outside Interests
  • Jan. 17, 2024 - Human Subjects Protection Program (HSPP)
    • Presenter(s) - Christine Melton-Lopez, Director, Human Subjects Protection Program and Mariette Marsh, Assistant Vice President, Regulatory Affairs and Safety
  • Feb. 21 - Animal Welfare Program (AWP) & University Animal Care (UAC)
    • Presenter(s) - Leah Steyn, Director, Animal Welfare Program and CJ Doane, Director/Attending Veterinarian, University Animal Care
  • Mar. 20 - Research and Laboratory Safety Services (RLSS)
    • Presenter - Leon Harris, Director, Research Safety and Occupational Health
  • Apr. 17 - Export Control
    • Presenter - Kay Ellis, Director, Export Control Program
  • May 15 - Research Integrity Office (RIO) and Training and Education
    • Presenter - Scott Pryor, Director, Research Integrity & Training 

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