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Welcome to ROAR

ROAR is a monthly newsletter from Sponsored Projects Services (SPS) and the Office of Research Contracts (ORC) to outline upcoming deadlines, provide tips and tricks, system updates, and other information relevant to Research Administration. 

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This newsletter is designed to communicate updates, suggestions, and operational guidelines to Research staff at the University of Arizona. We welcome all suggestions, recommendations, and collaborations with our campus community. Please feel free to reach out to the ROAR team by emailing

You can find previous editions of ROAR archived by year below.

  • July 2024 - Updates: Export Control Review Checklist for Agreements; Downtime; NIH Resubmission Markup; NSF CAREER Information; Article: Substantial Interests Explained
  • June 2024 - Updates: Fiscal Year-End Reminders; Articles: Memorandum of Understanding (MOU); Upcoming Changes for Proposals Requiring Additional Space, Space Changes, or Renovations
  • May 2024 - Updates: New NRSA Stipend Levels; Articles: Updated NSF Tribal Nation Requirements; IRB Fees Update; Update Common Forms for NSF Proposals
  • April 2024 - Updates: NIH Resubmssions; Quick Start Guide; Fed Shutdown Update; New F&A Rates; Articles: Tri-University Research Administration Conference (TURAC); Navigating the New Horizons: NSF PAPPG 24-1 Updates
  • March 2024
  • February 2024 - Updates: NIH Salary Cap; NSF PAPPG 24-1; Update for Foreign Subaward Management; Server Maintenance; Money Talks: Department Billing; Tips & Tricks: Future Approval Reqeust in Proposal Documents
  • January 2024 - Updates: New Sponsor Request eForm; Article: NIH Updates per NOT-OD-23-182

  • December 2023Updates: Winter Closure submission schedule; Article: Outgoing Subawards FAQs; Tips & Tricks: Navigating the Nuances of Stipends and Payroll in Sponsored Research
  • November 2023 - Updates: Federal Government Shutdown, NIH Loan Repayment Applications; Development Opportunities: 2024 Financial Administrator Series, NCURA Live Webinar Opportunity - Budgeting NIH Data Management & Sharing (DMS), Fall 2023 NSF Virtual Grants Conference
  • October 2023 - Updates: Fly America Act Updates to UArizona Research Webpage, FDP Meeting Session Recordings available, new LevelUP mGuides for NSF; Article: SciENcv for NSF Proposals; Money Talks: Internal Billings, PI Changes; 
  • September 2023 - Updates: User Bypasses Updates to UArizona Research Webpage, Federal Agency Anti-Harassment Policies and Reporting Requirements; Money Talks: Appropriation End Dates, Relinquishments
  • August 2023 - Updates: Change to Grants Officer for Proposal Central Applications, New NIH guidance on Data Management and Sharing (DMS) costs; Article: Understanding Fabricated Equipment - Impact on Proposal Budgeting; Micro-Learning Moments: Organizing your Inbox 
  • July 2023 - Updates: Compensation and Effort Calculations Added to UArizona Research Webpage, Discontinued Object Codes (5750, 5751 for Materials Fabrication), Office of Research Contracts (ORC) No Longer Accepting Email-based Initiation/Modification of Subawards; Articles: Organizational Conflict of Interest Certifications, 3rd Party Unit Removal in UAccess Research
  • June 2023 - Updates: Office of Research Contracts (ORC) New Smartsheet for Initiation/Modification of Subawards, Letters of Intent/Collaboration/Commitment; Proposal Highlight: NSF Faculty Early Career Development Program Proposals; Dear Compliance: Effort Certifications
  • May 2023 - Updates: Tuition Calculator updated for Fall 2023, Minimum Employment Exception Request Form for PI Eligibility Updated, University Animal Care rate increase, FY2024 ERE Rates Approved; Article: Conflict of Interest in Proposal Development, Continued; Tips & Tricks: Releasing Proposal Applications for Submission and FAQs
  • April 2023 - Article: 2.5% Salary Increase Program (SIP) in Proposal Development, Dear Compliance: Effort Certifications
  • March 2023 - System Updates: Kuali system issues and route log reminder; Tips & Tricks: Preaward Revisions and When to Re-Route, Postaward Project Changes
  • February 2023 - System Updates: eRA Commons Account Requests, Office for Responsible Outside Interests (OROI) Verifying COI Disclosure Compliance at Time of Proposal Starting February 6, 2023 National Research Service Award (NRSA) Postdoctoral Rates Article: COI Disclosure Verification at Time of Proposal, Personnel Roles and Routing Proposals
  • January 2023 - System Updates: Institutional Information Changes; Tips & Tricks: Fixed Price Contract Closeouts; Letters from the Future: FORMS-H: Summary of Changes and New Policy on Data Management and Sharing

  • December 2022 - Article: Time Management: The Three-Day Deadline, Holiday Closure 2022; System Updates: Outgoing Subaward Subrecipient Form Update, Graduate Assistant (GA)/Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) Minimum Stipends Increased, Supplemental Compensation Rates Calculation and Hours; Tips & Tricks: RPPR Process for NIH Awards
  • November 2022 - System Updates: Tuition Calculator Updated for Spring 2023; Tips & Tricks: The Dos and Don'ts of Canceled Proposal Documents
  • October 2022 - System Updates: Sponsored Projects Services (SPS)/Office of Research Contracts (ORC) Address Change, Hispanic Serving Institute (HSI) Question Updated in Proposal Documents, New Sponsor Request Form Updated; Article: Finding Funding: How to Identify Funding Opportunities; Tips & Tricks: Proposal Documents: Proposal Budgets
  • September 2022 - Reminder: Government Year End; System Updates: New Object Code - 6871 Student Support (Sponsored Projects Accounts Only) Costs for childcare paid on NIH Training Grants; Article: Key Personnel in Proposal Documents; Tips & Tricks: American Heart Association (AHA) and ProposalCentral; Letters from the Future: Downtime
  • August 2022 - System Updates: Discontinuation of Budget-SOW Update Proposal Type; Tips & Tricks: Budget Versions Tab (BVT) and Budget Settings; Letters from the Future: Government Year End; Proposal Highlight: NIFA-AFRI Proposals

Who is ROAR? 

ROAR is developed by a Newsletter Committee comprised of members of SPS and ORC to cover the various areas and topics of Research Administration. Although this committee handles the overall writeup and design, the ROAR newsletter is the result of the effort and dedication of individuals within SPS, ORC, and campus Research Administrators that assist with content suggestions, text development, and editing. 

The Committee itself consists of volunteering members of SPS and ORC that take the lead on representing their respective specialties.

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