Sponsored Projects Services Proposal Support

Sponsored Projects Services (SPS) Proposal Support is committed to advancing the world-class research enterprise at the University of Arizona by assisting researchers with their research aspirations.  

How can we help?

SPS has a dedicated team to assist the RII Cores and Institutes as well as Chemistry and Biochemistry (CBC), Geosciences, Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences (HAS), Psychology, Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB), Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (EEB), and Steward Observatory from the College of Science with their proposal routing needs for externally funded proposals. 

The Proposal Support team can assist faculty in the development of their proposals, including:

  • Review and interpretation of sponsor guidelines;

  • Budget consultation and preparation;

  • Identify possible compliance issues;

  • Creating a proposal in the system of record at the University of Arizona;

  • Answer questions from the SPS Preaward team;

  • Create the submission application for the corresponding sponsor portal.

When do I notify Proposal Support?

The amount of time the SPS Proposal Support team is given is paramount to setting up the submission preparation for success.

The routing process is required to apply for and receive ANY funds through extramural competitive grants and submissions and assistance cannot be guaranteed if the timeline below is not followed.

Minimum amount of time needed to compile the proposal and route for approvals and review:

15 business days before Sponsor deadline

Projects with Subawards: 20 business days before Sponsor deadline

Providing the Proposal Support staff with the following information in the corresponding Smartsheet, found below, allows the team to assist in building budgets, budget justifications and other non-science related documents in the Sponsor’s requested format. The Proposal Support team will assist in obtaining a fully routed proposal document in the system of record and complete grant proposal packages that are submitted to UA SPS Preaward for submission to the Sponsor.

Minimum of 8 business days before Sponsor deadline provide the Proposal Support staff with the following Final* documents:

  • Project Title

  • Project Start and End dates

  • Project Abstract/Summary

  • Final budget & documents from any subawards

  • Budget Justification

  • PI/Co-I distribution of credit and F&A

*Final documents have to be submission ready (no edits to any document, financial or scientific, unless requested by SPS Preaward).


The following are some helpful links with UA specific information:

  • SPS Three-Day Deadline, if the submission requires assistance from the Office of Research Contracting, please allow for an additional 7 to 10 business days.
  • F&A Costs, if an F&A Waiver is needed please allow for an additional 5 business days.
  • Institutional Information including the DUNS number, tax ID and UA mailing address.
  • Large, Complex Proposals: Large Proposals of amounts greater than $15 million, please give as much time as possible.

To request assistance for proposal submission, please following the link to the RII Core and Institutes Smartsheet: 




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