Initial Visit

Principal Investigator (PI) or Study Director who is responsible for a laboratory or set of laboratories must register as a Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) Approval Holder by contacting Research Laboratory & Safety Services (RLSS).  RLSS will initiate the creation of a GLP approval and entering in all relevant information, such as workers names, laboratory locations and specific equipment registration.  Then an initial visit will be scheduled with the Approval Holder for the following month to give the laboratory time to prepare for the visit.  During the initial visit, RLSS staff will:

  • Explain the GLP program
  • Complete a baseline assessment of compliance with GLP regulations and hazard control measures required to protect laboratory workers from exposure
  • Provide onsite guidance about the identified GLP regulation and hazard control measure that may need improvement to meet regulatory standards
  • Answer any questions that you may have about the program
  • Post required labels and signs

Following the initial visit, the laboratory will be supplied a letter from RLSS detailing suggestions made during the inspection on how to improve the status of the lab.

Annual Inspection

Audits for the GLP program are conducted by RLSS staff on an annual basis, or otherwise specified. The audits are planned and scheduled with the Approval Holder and/or Approval Safety Coordinator in advance to best fit with their schedule. The Approval Holder should ensure that all suggestions from the previous inspection have been addressed prior to the annual visit.