UAccess Research (UAR)

Cancer related research topics?

Answer this question ‘Yes’ for any proposal that involves research related to cancer.  This information is compiled for the Arizona Cancer Center annual report.

Live vertebrate animal subjects?

Answer this question ‘Yes’ if live vertebrate animals are involved in the proposal. A protocol must be submitted for approval to the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) before an award is made, but not at the time of proposal.

Human subjects?

Answer this question ‘Yes’ if human subjects are involved in the proposal. The University is required to safeguard human participants that are involved in research projects. For any project involving the use of human participants, a protocol must be submitted to the University’s Human Subject Protection Program (HSPP) and the Institutional Review Board (IRB) for review and approval. 

COVID-19 Research?

This question was added to the UAccess Research (UAR) proposal in April 2020 to easily track and report on sponsored project proposals and awards related to COVID-19. Is the project scope of work related to COVID-19?

If you have any questions please contact sends e-mail).

Additional space, space changes or renovations?

If additional space is needed to conduct the project, the Principal Investigator must make arrangements for the additional space prior to routing the proposal.

Follow-on to Account No.

Enter the account number of a past sponsored project if the current proposal may be funded as a new and separate award but is the next phase or a continuation of the past project.

If you have any questions please contact sends e-mail).

Submitted proposal will go through competing review?

This data point will help campus units more accurately calculate proposal success or win rates. Units want to know what percentage of proposals that are reviewed and competitively scored against others for an open funding opportunity are ultimately funded.


Answer 'Yes' if the proposed project...

How do I create a new Proposal Development document?

Click on Common Tasks in the left-hand navigation panel. Find the Proposal Development card and select Create Proposal

See the Create and Save a New Proposal video for step-by-step instructions. Be aware that there are additional videos for completing each section of the Proposal Development document and submitting the proposal to routing for review, approval, and submission. 

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