When I use the Search Records feature, the search is returning very limited information or no information. Why is this happening?

There are a few potential explanations: 

  1. You are searching for items you are not provisioned for. The Search Records feature only displays search results you have access to. You have access to items where you were the document initiator, you were included as personnel on the document, you were provided a specific viewer, editor, or aggregator role on the document, you are provisioned to view or approve documents for any of the included units, or you were added as an Ad Hoc with an Acknowledge, FYI, or Approve action. If you would like to see all search results, you will need to use the specific search functions for Awards, Negotiations, Institutional Proposals, Proposal Development, and Subawards in the Common Tasks section. 
  2. Your search parameters are too narrow. You may need to broaden your search terms to capture additional items. The more search terms you combine (Lead Unit, PI, Title, Deadline Date, etc.), the narrower your results will be. By searching for broader categories, you will obtain more results. 
  3. You are using an incorrect parameter for a given search term. You may need to look in the All Links section for the specific term to find out what possible parameters are and the specific spelling, spacing, and punctuation. 

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