Submitted proposal will go through competing review?

This data point will help campus units more accurately calculate proposal success or win rates. Units want to know what percentage of proposals that are reviewed and competitively scored against others for an open funding opportunity are ultimately funded.


Answer 'Yes' if the proposed project...

  • is an incoming subaward which is part of a proposal submission going in for review with the prime proposal at another institution
  • will be reviewed and might or may not be awarded based on merit or a competition

Answer 'No' if the proposed project...

  • if UArizona knows in advance that funding will be awarded, a funding decision has already been made and UArizona employs a certain person with unique expertise to accomplish project goals
  • is a subaward from another institution that already received a prime award and UArizona is being asked to complete part of the work afterward
  • will definitely be funded because UArizona has particular professional expertise
  • is an administrative supplement that requires an application but funding is pre-approved

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