UAccess Research (UAR)

What do you mean when you say to use "title case" for proposal/project titles?

Title case is used to provide consistency in the system and in reporting. Please do not use ALL CAPITALS or all lowercase in proposal/project titles. 

In title case, major words are capitalized and most minor words are lowercase. If your title uses alternate capitalization where a letter other than the first letter of a word is used in the acronym and requires special emphasis, please capitalize as you feel is best indicated for your acronym. 

When communicating with Sponsored Projects Services (SPS) about a proposal, do you prefer we reference the Proposal # or the Document #?

Both the Proposal number and Document number were available and acceptable under UAR 5.2.1, however the Proposal number was more difficult to locate so the Document number became the preferred way to reference a proposal. In the updated UAR SaaS environment the Proposal number is more prominent and easier to locate, but SPS will still accept both numbers when referencing your proposal. 

Updated UAccess Research (UAR) System Now Available

UAccess Research (UAR) has been updated and is now available for proposal routing, and other sponsored project modules. Thank you to the campus research community for all the cooperation and patience in completing three major system implementation projects in close succession!

UAHS Location of Research Activities

If proposal activity will take place at Banner University Medical Center (BUMC) facilities, answer 'Yes' to the appropriate location. These fields are not required so no response is the same as a 'No' answer.

  • Banner - University Medical Center Tucson
  • Banner - University Medical Center South
  • Banner - University Medical Center Phoenix

F&A return by sibling account activity (not F&A split)?

Answer this question ‘Yes’ if Facilities & Administration (F&A) revenue distribution should be allocated based on actual UAccess Financials sibling account activity rather than applying the UAccess Research (UAR) proposal Credit Allocation percentages to the project as a whole regardless of sibling account activity. This decision cannot be reversed later or applied retroactively, and it is highly recommended the answer of 'Yes' is only used for major projects with collaboration across colleges. 

F&A Rate Category:

Select the appropriate rate category from the drop-down list in the UAccess Research (UAR) proposal. Visit the Facilities & Administrative (F&A) Rates page of the Research Support website and view the F&A rate table for additional guidance.

Proj Location (ex:Bldg-Rm-etc):

Enter the primary location where project activity will take place in the format Bldg-Rm-etc. Example: USB-510-A

F&A Rate % (ex: 53/53.5)

Enter as many Facilities & Administrative rates as will be applicable to a proposal separated by a forward slash and without the "%" symbol. Example: 53/53.5

If you have any questions please contact sends e-mail).

Foreign collaborations?

Answer this question ‘Yes’ if any portion of the project is to be completed with the assistance of collaborators in a foreign nation and use the lookup feature in the UAccess Research (UAR) proposal to select the country of each foreign collaborator.

Work abroad on a U.S. military base?

If a project involves work on a U.S. military base abroad, additional international travel insurance requirements may be required. For expert guidance, contact the UA Export Control Program well in advance of travel.

Defense Base Act (DBA) Insurance is a federal requirement for international travel that is associated with the U.S. federal government. There are two primary triggers when DBA must be obtained:

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