F&A return by sibling account activity (not F&A split)?

Answer this question ‘Yes’ if Facilities & Administration (F&A) revenue distribution should be allocated based on actual UAccess Financials sibling account activity rather than applying the UAccess Research (UAR) proposal Credit Allocation percentages to the project as a whole regardless of sibling account activity. This decision cannot be reversed later or applied retroactively, and it is highly recommended the answer of 'Yes' is only used for major projects with collaboration across colleges. 

When the answer is ‘Yes,’ F&A splits from the credit allocation panel will be ignored. Sibling accounts will be set up under the home unit of each investigator so that F&A distributions are based on the expenditure activity of each sibling account.

A 'Yes' response indicates a collaboration between multiple investigators/units that require full support of all collaborators for substantial changes. The UAR proposal must be routed with an accurate budget breakdown by proposed sibling account for each investigator/unit in the Attachments section as attachment type "F&A Allocation Arrangements." Approval of the proposal will constitute approval of the detailed budget for account set-up. Any alterations to the budget split after award will require approval by all collaborators.


If you have any questions please contact sponsor@arizona.edu(link sends e-mail).

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