UAccess Research System Update - New Features, Available Training, and Office Hours

Get to Know the New Kuali Research SaaS

New Features, Training, and Office Hours - January 2022   

The UAccess Research System (Kuali Research under the hood) will be updated to Kuali Research Software-as-a-Service on January 25, 2022. You will find below an overview of the new features and training opportunities available to you.

New Features

Is export control training required?

University of Arizona employees working on an export-controlled project with a Technology Control Plan (TCP) must complete export control training prior to working on a project and/or accessing export-controlled items or data. Agreements will not be processed by Contracting Services until training is confirmed as current and the TCP is in place.

Is export control training available?

Yes! University of Arizona faculty, staff and students can take any of the export control training modules available through the EDGE Learning system or the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Program. For more information on the modules available contact Export Control or visit our website.

What training opportunities are available?

The HSPP offers a variety of training opportunities including Brown Bag Sessions and Office Hours. For training details, please visit the IRB Training Opportunities webpage. If you are interested in requesting training on a specific topic, or are interested in having an HSPP member present at a class, lab, or faculty meeting, please contact the general inbox at sends e-mail)

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