Genetics Core Facility (UAGC)

The Genetics Core offers access to resources and services to help investigators, educators, students and the biotech community conduct and promote research in the field of genomics. UAGC provides a wide range of molecular biology services and support ranging from Complete Solutions to fee-per-use services.

Translational Bioimaging Resource–MRI

The Magnetic Resonance Research Facility (MRRF) supports MRI research within the University community and for industry partners in pharmaceuticals, health care, veterinary care, and behavioral sciences.

Translational Bioimaging Resource – High-Resolution Ultrasound Facility

HRUF provides small-animal ultrasound imaging with axial resolution down to 30 microns. With the VisualSonics Vevo 2100, as well as data management and analysis software, the system can be used for biomedical research and material characterization

Translational Bioimaging Resource - Small Animals

The Translational Bioimaging Resource – Small Animals does small animal MR and PET/MR imaging.

Machining and Welding Center

The Machining and Welding Center is an ISO 9001 compliant facility that provides researchers with precision machining, welding, mechanical design, and inspection services. The Center’s projects range from Biomedical to Astronomy and Space. The Center can also provide a basic machine shop safety course to departments on campus.

Micro/Nano Fabrication Center

The Micro/Nano Fabrication Center, or MNFC, offers industrial space and facilities, device processing, and characterization equipment to researchers from academia, federal agencies, and the private sector.

Imaging Cores, Marley Light Microscopy Facility

IC Marley is available to help researchers with light microscopy-based research projects. Housing state-of-the-art laser scanning confocal microscopes, it offers technical support to advance scientific inquiry and aid in experimental design.

Imaging Cores, Life Sciences North - Optical & Electron Microscopy

The IC LSN provide high-tech, high-resolution microscope tools to the UA biomedical research community, as well as industry partners.

Imaging Cores, Kuiper—Electron Microscopy

The Imaging Cores, Kuiper – Electron Microscopy provide access to cutting-edge instrumentation for electron microscopy – the backbone of nanotechnology – and Raman spectroscopy. Experienced personnel can assist and facilitate research.

Functional Genomics Core Facility (FGC)

The Functional Genomics Core (FGC) provides capacity for high-throughput chemical, RNAi, and deletion library-based screens for the purpose of network analysis, drug and target discovery.

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