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University of Arizona Policy

The University of Arizona has a responsibility to ensure integrity and transparency in managing the intersections of its public and private interests, thereby preserving the integrity of its research enterprise and the public’s trust. The University has implemented its Conflicts of Interest & Commitment Policy to assist University of Arizona investigators in applying and adhering to the University’s requirements regarding training, disclosure, review, and reporting of conflicts of interest.

The Conflicts of Interest & Commitment Policy is part of an institutional culture of ethics and good judgment in the University’s performance of all of its missions (teaching, research, public service) and its administrative and business operations. Each investigator has an obligation to become familiar with, and abide by, this policy. Research, Innovation & Impact is responsible for ensuring compliance with this policy.

When in doubt, disclose!

If you participate in research under the auspices of the University, you are required to comply with the University’s Conflicts of Interest & Commitment Policy.  In particular, you are required to periodically disclose to the University whether you have any significant financial interests or significant personal interests that may be related to your research.  These disclosure requirements apply to all foreign entities, including, but not limited to, employment and/or payments from foreign entities.  You also must complete COI training once every four years.


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