Message to the Public about Conflict of Interest and Research

Public Access to Information about Financial Conflict of Interest in a PHS-Funded Research Project

The Public Health Service (PHS) Rules on Financial Conflict of Interest require that, for research projects for which the PHS or the National Institutes of Health issues a Notice of Award or a notice of noncompeting continuation (with funding) on or after August 24, 2012, the public may request the following information on any Financial Conflict of Interest identified by the University for any senior/key personnel in the project:

  • the senior/key personnel name, title, and role in the research project; and
  • the name of entity in which the financial conflict of interest is held by the senior/key personnel; and
  • the nature of the financial conflict of interest and its approximate dollar value, which may be reported in specified dollar ranges.

[Relevant PHS regulations: 42 CFR 50.605(a)(5)(i) and 45 CFR 94.5(a)(5)(i)]

To request information on a financial conflict of interest, complete the Request for Report of Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) in Project Funded by US Public Health Services (PHS) form:

  1. Download the form;
  2. Enter the required information;
  3. Print the form;
  4. Sign and date a copy of the completed form; and
  5. Mail to the address specified.

The University will respond to a fully completed request form within five (5) business days of receipt by the University’s Office for Responsible Outside Interests.


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