DOE Foreign Person Approval

Are any Foreign Nationals (not naturalized or US citizens) involved in any Department of Energy (DOE) projects (subcontracts included) for your department or college?

A recent regulatory change was made to DOE Order 142.3A (Dec. 13, 2019). You may see this clause in DOE agreements awarded after Dec. 2019 as well as older DOE agreements that are being amended. The DOE order requires prior approval of foreign nationals working on DOE projects (including U.S. Permanent Residents). The clause must also be flowed down to subcontractors. Export Control was asked by RII to centralize collection and submissions of the documentation to DOE.


Please check your DOE agreements awarded/amended after Dec. 2019. If any foreign nationals are working on or expected to work on DOE projects, please email If these agreements contain the revised clause and foreign nationals are working on the project, they most likely will be suspended from the project until approval is obtained from DOE. We will work with you to expeditiously request approval.

DOE Foreign Access Approval Process

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