Support by Area

For general inquiries not related to RII: Tel. 520-621-2211

Arizona Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

More info | Tel. 520-621-2356 or Email:

RII Business Center 

More info | | Tel. 520-626-0180 or

RII Employee Services

More info | | Tel. 520-621-6060 or Email:

Communications and Marketing Support

More info | Email:
New project request form

Core Facilities Support

More info | Email:

Export Control Program

More info | Email:

HIPAA Privacy Program

More info | Email:

Human Subjects Protection Program

More info | Email:

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

More info | Email:

Research Development Services

More info | Tel. 520-621-8585 or Email:

Research Laboratory & Safety Services

More info | Tel. 520-626-6850 or Email:

Research Integrity Program

More info | Tel. 520-621-0598 or Email:

Responsible Conduct of Research Program

More info | Tel. 520-626-8757 or Email:

Responsible Outside Interests

(formerly Conflict of Interest Program)

More info | Tel. 520-626-6406 or Email:

Sponsored Projects & Contracting Services

More info | Tel. 520-626-6000 Email:

Outgoing Subawards: subawards@email.arizona.ed

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