Office for Responsible Outside Interests

Managing outside interests and commitments protects the integrity of The University of Arizona and its research.

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Formerly the Conflict of Interest Program

The Conflict of Interest Program is now called the Office for Responsible Outside Interests to more closely focus on the program’s goal: to align outside interests and activities with the University’s mission to disseminate knowledge through teaching, research, and public service in a way that ensures transparency, integrity and public trust.

New Policy

NEW COI & COC Policy:  The Conflicts of Interest & Commitment Policy (Interim) policy incorporates five of the University's conflict of interest and commitment policies into one policy to alleviate confusion and contradictions. A single conflict of commitment policy will now be applicable to full-time University employees. The policy is approved on an interim basis to address immediate concerns while the substantive policy revisions are presented for stakeholder feedback and publication.

COI and COC Forms


The University of Arizona encourages University faculty, staff, and students to engage in appropriate relationships with private industry and the nonprofit sector as part of its mission to disseminate knowledge through teaching, research, and public service. At times, however, these external activities may have the potential for a financial conflict of interest when the activities, income, or other interest affect, or appear to affect, the activities pursued within the University.

The Office for Responsible Outside Interests supports and promotes The University of Arizona's ethical conduct of research. In collaboration with the Institutional Review Committee and the Executive Review Committee, the Office for Responsible Outside Interests works with The University of Arizona’s research community who are engaged in external relationships to ensure that all identified financial conflicts of interest or institutional conflicts of interest are appropriately managed, reduced, or eliminated.

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More information about the Office for Responsible Outside Interests and the services we offer can be found in our Information Sheet.  

The University's Conflicts of Interest & Commitment Policy is available on the University’s policy website.  The links below provide information on the policies and procedures associated with the disclosure and management of conflicts of commitment and interest at the University of Arizona.

What We Do

This information sheet provides information about the services provided by the Office for Responsible Outside Interests.