University Consortium for Applied Hypersonics: Challenge Projects

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Internal Deadline

Monday, July 26, 2021


UA may submit 1 White Paper for a Challenge Project. A maximum of 7 Principal Investigators is allowed per proposal.

The Joint Hypersonic Transition Office (JHTO), in partnership with Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES) and the UCAH, is soliciting competitive WPs/PPPs supporting hypersonic research and technology, per the defined Statement of Need (SON) in Section 2.1. JHTO reserves the right to fund none, some, or all of the submissions made in response to this RWP/RPP. Furthermore, JHTO may choose to fund a portion of a submission or a combination of submissions. Not all meritorious submissions will necessarily receive funding. TEES and JHTO will exercise their discretion in selecting submissions. TEES and the JHTO will provide no funding for direct reimbursement of WP/PPP development costs.

Estimated Project Ceiling:
Up to a three-year period of performance at $1,500,000 per year per Project Sub-Agreement (PSA). The JHTO reserves the right to approve projects that slightly exceed this level based on the technical strengths of the proposal and the reasonableness of the costs.

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