FY2023 HERD Survey Instructions

College and Department Information for the HERD Survey Process


Deadline:  Please complete the Account Object Code Listing Report excel file  to report expenditures for inclusion in the FY23 NSF HERD Survey no later than 5 pm on Friday, October 13.

Research, Innovation & Impact (RII) is responsible for completing the National Science Foundation (NSF) Higher Education Research and Development (HERD) Survey which publishes institutional rankings for research universities.  The NSF Survey includes expenditures that support research for many types of expenditures including salaries, bridge funding, start-up packages, large equipment purchases, and matching funds. These types of costs may be paid from funds that are not coded as “research” accounts and we need your help to identify them for inclusion in the survey.

We are sending this request to all colleges and divisions in an effort to capture all expenditures that support research for the NSF survey to ensure that the University of Arizona is ranked properly by the National Science Foundation.  Please provide a listing of expenditures incurred during Fiscal Year 2023 for salaries, operational and travel expenses, bridge funding, start-up packages, large equipment purchases, and matching funds paid from non-sponsored, non-research accounts for your college.  Please distribute this email to departments within the college as needed, and coordinate a single response for your college or division.

If you need any assistance,  have questions, or would like to meet to discuss, please contact Lori Schultz and Todd Woodman.  


We use a dashboard in Analytics to help identify accounts and expenditures for review.  The dashboard is entitled “HERD Survey Expenditure Review” and it is the very last tab located in the Financial, General – Sponsored Projects folder. By entering the college or department number in the prompts the first request, “Account and Object List” will list all accounts with sub accounts and object codes with expenditures in FY23 that are not already included in the survey by the data team.  You may also select report "Account List" to view a summary by account and sub account to quickly identify potential accounts not coded research.

  1. If any of the accounts listed include research expenditures, please export to Excel the “Account Object Code Listing “. 
  2. In the last column, fill in the amount of expenditure, by object code, that is research related.  
  3. Send your college's completed excel file to Lori Schultz and Todd Woodman.  Please do not modify the columns or add additional tabs.  


HERD Survey Expenditure Review UAccess Analytics Report (bookmark link) 

Information on allowed and unallowed expenditures for the HERD Survey (NetID required)  This file provides some information on what kind of expenditures are allowed on the survey.  RII will update the document based on your input and questions. 

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