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Limited Submissions FAQ

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It depends. First, check the RDS Limited Submissions Table to see if the funding opportunity is listed and currently accepting internal pre-proposals. If an internal competition is underway, review the pre-proposal requirements and submit your pre-proposal. If the funding opportunity is not listed, email to express your interest in applying. RDS will establish eligibility to apply based on the Preferred Timeline for Limited Submissions.

The information contained in a limited submission pre-proposal and the associated supplemental documents is considered highly confidential and all efforts will be made to ensure the fair, objective, and confidential review of each pre-proposal.  Review panel members are required to sign a conflict of interest statement prior to pre-proposal review and to adhere to strict guidelines to ensure confidentiality of the content of all limited submissions applications.

Yes. Review comments are provided to all applicants once the reviews are completed, and the ticket has been awarded.

No. RDS does not publicly identify the members of the internal funding review panels or the specific members assigned to individual proposals or ad hoc reviewers. 

The pre-proposal requirements are designed to give a sufficient representation of a prospective project or proposal without over-burdening faculty/applicants. Think of the pre-proposal as an “elevator pitch.” 

The applicant must first appoint a proxy from their account. The applicant will need to login to establish the account, and then indicate that a proxy will submit. Visit UA Arizona Cultivate for more details

The RDS Limited Submissions Table page on the UA Research Gateway or Arizona Cultivate are regularly updated with all current funding opportunities, deadlines and updates.

RDS publishes the name of the PI selected for each Limited Submission opportunity on the Limited Submission Table on the Research Gateway.

No. Deadlines for Limited Submission internal competitions are treated the same as funding deadlines for Federal agency sponsors, Foundations or other external funding sources. These opportunities are advertised widely and well in advance of the application deadlines. To maintain fairness for all, the deadline is firm and consistent for all applicants without exception.

The Limited Submission opportunity will be listed in the Open category on the Limited Submission Table and the first expression of interest RDS receives will be accepted as the institutional submission. Expressions of interest must be sent to and the date/time that the email is received will determine the order that expressions of interest are accepted.

RDS publishes the name of the PI selected for each Limited Submission opportunity on the Limited Submission Table on the Research Gateway. RDS seeks to coordinate Limited Submissions for the university to facilitate the best proposal submission from an institutional perspective and encourages communication between all interested applicants to a limited submission opportunity. That said, the choice to collaborate is at the discretion of the PI/Team that receives the ticket to proceed.

All Limited Submission opportunities currently in a competition will be listed in Arizona Cultivate. You can log in and apply using your NetID. Most applications require both textbox entry of application information such as a summary, a significance statement, approach, and expected outcomes, as well as uploads in PDF format. RDS recommends logging in to the system to see what is required well in advance of the internal submission deadline.

Subscribe to The Current, the RDS weekly digest of funding opportunities and news which lists upcoming and open funding opportunities. 

Once you have received the “ticket” you should work with your department administrator and, if available, the RDS Associate designated to support the proposal development. All limited submissions submitted to an external funding agency or sponsor are handled through Sponsored Projects and Contracting Services.

No. As the administrative office that coordinates and manages the review of Limited Submissions, RDS does not assist in proposal preparation for pre-proposals. However, RDS does provide proposal support, when available, for all “tickets” awarded through the Limited Submission process.

Preproposals are archived within Arizona Cultivate and are not distributed or made publicly available. 

RDS makes every effort to have pre-proposals reviewed in a timely manner, usually within two weeks of the internal deadline. Our goal is to maximize the external proposal preparation time for selected researchers to submit to the sponsor for funding.

In most cases, no budget is required for the pre-proposal. If a budget is required, a template will be provided as part of the pre-proposal application.

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