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All Huron videos are for the sole purpose of providing training to authorized users of the SaaS Service eDiscloser. No other person shall access, view or use these videos. Contact coi@arizona.edu (or eIRB/vpr-irb@arizona.edu as applicable) with any questions.


Instructions for Using eDisclosure

Submitting an Annual Certification

Annual Certifications include submission of Outside Employment, Outside Commitments, Significant Financial Interests, Significant Personal Interests, Foreign Interests and/or Substantial Interests.

Submitting a Research Certification

If you are an Investigator and have disclosed an Outside Interest, you must submit a Research Certification for each of your non-sponsored and sponsored research project.

No Outside Interests

If you are an Investigator, here are instructions for submitting an Annual Certification with no Outside Interests.

Submitting an Enabling Disclosure Worksheet

Instructions for submitting an Enabling Disclosure Worksheet

COC, Enabling Disclosure and Other Reviews

Here are instructions for navigating the ancillary review process in eDisclosure.


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