Training Requirements

Federal regulations require that key personnel in research involving human subjects undergo training. Key personnel are all individuals responsible for the design and conduct of the study. All members of the research team are expected to complete online training prior to conducting any activities involving human subjects research. The IRB will not approve protocols in which study personnel do not have current, completed University of Arizona CITI human subjects training.

If you are affiliated with the University of Arizona and have a CITI account, you may log in directly to CITI through the SSO

UA Affiliated Researchers: Required CITI Training

Please follow the instructions below to complete the required training:

  • Go to
  • If you do not have a CITI account:
    • Click "Register".
    • Under "Select your Organization Affiliation" select "University of Arizona SSO".
    • You'll be directed to log in through the SSO system using your UA NetID and password.
  • If you do have a CITI account:
    • Select "Log in".
    • Select "Log in through my Organization".
    • Select "University of Arizona SSO" from the list of institutions. 
    • You'll be directed to log in through the SSO system using your UA NetID and password.
  • You will need to select “Human Subjects” from the CITI enrollment web page and click next.
  • Select the “Biomedical Research BASIC Course” or “Social & Behavioral Research BASIC Course” and the "Native American Course" and click submit.

You will be issued a training report after you complete the training program. The HSPP recommends that you print and keep a copy for your records. CITI training records may also display in the University of Arizona EDGE Learning system

UA Affiliated Researchers: If you have Completed CITI Training at Another Institution

Investigators that have completed CITI IRB training at another institution can link their training records with the University of Arizona by completing the steps outlined below:

1. Go to

2. click on register in the top right hand corner

3. Go to log in through my Institution and select "University of Arizona"

4. Log in with UA credentials

5. Click "already have citiprogram account" and log in with CITI credentials

6. Select courses as applicable and then click submit.

7. A table will then be displayed listing the course(s) you are enrolled in. 

8. Complete any modules that were not previously completed at your prior institution but are required by the University of Arizona. 

UA Affiliated Researchers: Required Refresher CITI Training

The CITI certificate is valid for four (4) years, after which refresher training must be completed. You should receive an email 90 days before your training will expire. Once received, follow the instructions to complete the refresher courses.  

Questions about CITI Online Training

For assistance with either creating an account or using the SSO system, contact the HSPP. If you are having technical difficulties in signing up or in navigating the CITI Program website, please visit the CITI Program Support web page.