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ARPA-H 75N99224R00001: 2023 Antigens Predicted for Broad Viral Efficacy through Computational Experimentation (APECx)

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Wednesday, November 22, 2023


No Applicants  // Limit: 1 // Tickets Available: 1 


The APECx program aims to create a toolkit to enable accurate chimeric and broadly efficacious vaccine Ag discovery through predictive modeling, high-throughput functional experimentation, and protein engineering. To fundamentally transform the vaccine research and development (R&D) sector, APECx will develop an innovative viral Ag prediction pipeline for broad efficacy by combining expedited experimental protein structure and function determination with high-throughput Ag screening. This will be enhanced with structural and functional prediction and protein modeling algorithms. Product developers will contribute to modeling tool evaluation from the start of the program to ensure discoveries satisfy the translational requirements. The combined effort of all the teams will create a toolkit that will enable the U.S. to achieve genus-level vaccine goals and prevent multiple viral diseases, including those responsible for cancer, acute disease, and chronic illness across the country and the world. 

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12/15/ 2023 - Abstract

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