National Program for the Career Development Of Physician Scientists in Diabetes Research (Diabetes - Docs) (K12 Clinical Trial Optional)

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Wednesday, September 29, 2021


UArizona may submit one application.

The purpose of the Diabetes-Docs Program is to support the career development of physicians committed to a career in diabetes research. The program is intended to remedy the dearth of pediatric endocrinologists and physicians from other specialties conducting innovative research into the causes and consequences of diabetes. Diabetes-Docs will be a single national program, implemented by one or more PD/PIs, together with an advisory committee composed of basic and clinical investigators who have a strong record of funded research and successful training of physician-scientists. Although there will be one national administrative center awardee, scholars are expected to be appointed and supported at their home institutions around the country. The program will have a focus on Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) research, with the major funding from the Statutory Special Diabetes Program. Starting in the second year, the program will expand to support the career development of physicians whose research focuses on innovative projects in type 2 diabetes. The program is expected to deliver on goals to increase the diversity of physician scientists with independent research careers in the mission of NIDDK.

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